Nowadays, beauty is not just about lipstick, eyeliner and a tinted moisturiser - it’s time to get playful with the latest in beauty bling says Susannah Taylor

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This season, the beauty trends on the catwalks were polar opposites – on the one hand there were tonal nude colours, barely-there foundations and no mascara, and on the other, makeup artists were playing full blown dress-up with face crystals, nail art and long spidery false lashes.

Beauty bling, as I like to call it, comes as welcome relief to all the neutral shades dominating our makeup counters right now (there are only so many times I can write about the joys of a mushroom eyeshadow), and the great news is you don’t have to be a teenager to pimp your beauty look.  You only have to walk down the street in central London to see that grown women are wearing false lashes to work and fluoro nails to their job in a bank. From technicolour top coats to false ponytails, and even faux tattoos, anything goes… my advice is just not to wear them all at once.

1. Nails Inc Crackle Top Coat

£11, Buy online

Bored of your usual nail colours? Dial up your digits with this Special Effects top coat from Nails inc. Apply on top of your usual nail colour and as it dries it cracks and reveals the colour underneath.

2. Tattly Friendship Bracelet Tattoo

£4, Buy online 

Thought stick-on tattoos were for children? Think again. Designed by Julia Rothman, this cute friendship temporary tattoo makes a great show of affection for a buddy without the commitment of permanent ink. (Each set comes with two – one you and one for them.)

3. Mily Beauty Spots Les Mouches

£18, Buy online

For centuries, women all over the world have used beauty spots to deliver romantic messages. Now you can add some intrigue to your own beauty regime with Mily’s stick-on beauty spots. Have fun with stars or hearts round the eyes or a Cindy Crawford beauty spot. Perfect festival accessorising.

4. MAC 30 Lashes

£10, Buy online

A famous makeup artist once said to me ’False lashes are the difference between celebrities and us mere mortals’. Indeed over the last few years false lashes have made a big return to our beauty arsenal, with many women now donning them in the daytime let alone at night. For me, these separate clusters of lashes are the best way to wear them – a couple positioned at the corner of each eye gives just the right amount of Hollywood glamour.

5. Hershesons Long Smooth Ponytail

£70, Buy online

Have you ever dreamed of being Rapunzel for a day? Well now you can with this faux ponytail, which is one of the best I’ve seen that you can buy over the counter. With seven colours to choose from, there is also one to blend with every hair type.

6. Marc by Marc J Set of 3 Stretchy Hairbands

£25, Buy online

If like me you like to put your hair up in a ponytail, a beige or black elastic band can get a little tiresome. Thank the Lord then for this set of colourful stretchy hair bands, which with their charms are a little like friendship bracelets for your updo. We love.