If you were going to start every day on a better foot, how would you do it? In a feature brought to you by Clinique, our top experts give you a few ideas...

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Whether it’s getting more sleep, going on that morning run or simply waking up each day with a positive outlook, many of us feel we have hills to climb when the dreaded alarm goes off, but starting the day with a spring in our steps needn’t feel like a fight. In fact, doing something new and taking on a fresh outlook can energise us and make us far more capable when it comes to tackling challenges throughout the day, week, month…the world is your oyster. Many of these tweaks have proved invaluable in our experts’ paths to success; add a relevant switch up to your daily routine and revive your mojo.

Jacqueline Hurst, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“The ideal way to start your day on a high is to choose your best thoughts. By that I mean thoughts that create feelings of empowerment, fun and happiness. Focusing on things that create feelings of gratitude has to be the best way to wake up!” #StartBetter

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Annee de Mamiel, acupuncture specialist and aromatherapist

For wellbeing authority  Annee , a little forward thinking works wonders:

“I think that the best way to start your day is beginning the night before by removing all digital gadgets from your bedroom and getting a good night’s sleep. The next morning take ten minutes first thing to really take care of yourself before jumping into your inbox and getting your brain fired up. This can be as simple as being aware of your breathing, meditating or sipping warm water with lemon”  #StartBetter

On the subject of proper breathing…

Caroline Kremer, London’s leading Bower practitioner and founder of Just Breathe

“Spend ten minutes first thing concentrating on your breathing. To be able to breathe freely and fully the body needs space with no restrictions. The lungs and ribcage need to be able to move and expand - so being scrunched up, having rounded shoulders and a collapsed posture are not what you want. Sit up in bed and plant both feet on the floor, breathing deeply to detox the body through the lungs. Then stand up feeling centred, balanced and alive, with better posture and a lower heart rate. Welcome to the day!” #StartBetter

Florrie White, Clinique UK Colour Artist

“Start your day better by doing yourself and your face a favour and cleansing off the day’s grime and makeup before massaging in Clinique Overnight Turnaround Radiance Moisturise. Your skin will truly appreciate it and show the benefits come the morning” #StartBetter

It turns out this starting better business is all about going back to basics…

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Susannah Makram, Naturopathic nutritionist and osteopath

If you don’t have ten minutes, follow Susannah ’s lead. She specialises in fatigue and unexplained tiredness- you’re in good hands:

“Try to set your alarm with four minutes to spare. Lie in bed, preferably on your back, and tune into how your body is feeling from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. This will help you to feel more awake quicker than a coffee can!” #StartBetter

If you must have a coffee though, heed our next expert’s advice…

Zana Morris, personal trainer, nutritionist and founder of The Library gym

“If you want to feel energized, focused and strong for the day ahead, these tips never fail me. Firstly, morning coffee should be taken with cream and not milk to stabilise insulin, however, if you don’t already drink coffee, don’t start! Secondly, I swear by starting each day with 30-60 seconds of squats. This is an absolutely wonderful way to kick start growth hormones which will drive the body to burn fat for the first few hours of the day, release endorphins and get the circulation going” #StartBetter

Once you’ve gotten yourself moving, it’s time to hit the bathroom. Just as you used to pack your schoolbag the night before, it pays dividends to put the work in before you bed down.

Dr David Orentreich, Clinique guiding dermatologist

For Clinique’s resident product innovator and skincare genius , cleansing is also the holy grail of good skin:

“Cleansing is the first step in properly taking care of skin. This essential step is key to proper skin health. Skin that is cleansed well, gently yet thoroughly, is better prepped and primed for whatever you put on after” #StartBetter

If you’re wondering exactly what to put on afterwards, Dr David has a word on the subject

“80% of skin aging is UV-related! Sun protection is necessary all year round to protect your skin from damage”

Don’t be tempted to skip sunscreen, or the following morning essential for that matter…

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Gabriela Peacock, nutritional therapist

“The next time you rush out the door in the morning without something to eat, consider this: skipping breakfast often leads to overeating later in the day. A healthy morning meal gives you energy, satisfies your appetite and sets the stage for smarter decisions all day long”

“I always aim for a breakfast that combines good carbohydrates, fibre and some protein. Luckily, there are plenty of options. For example, jumbo oats with almond milk, blueberries and pumpkin seeds. Or Greek yoghurt with chopped grapefruit or a poached organic egg on rye bread with slices of avocado. It is also important to start the day hydrated, so make sure you have a large glass of water, maybe with a slice of lemon, before that cup of coffee!” #StartBetter

If you can face it, consider swapping your double espresso for this instead…

Dr Simone Laubscher, nutritional doctor

As personal nutritionist to Elle MacPherson, Dr Simone knows a thing or two about getting healthy habits (and days) off the ground:

“Personally I start my day with a super greens powder, and I suggest that all of my clients do so too. Greens are alkalising, detoxing and energizing- the perfect cocktail to keep you feeling perky throughout the day. I find that the buzz you get is superior to a caffeine kick- the energy boost sustains you for the whole day instead of allowing you to feel up and then crash an hour or so later” #StartBetter

To find your perfect green blend, check out our edit of the  top 10 health powders .

Niki Rein, personal trainer and founder of barrecore

You’ve had your greens and you’re skin is glowing, but don’t go running to the bus just yet.

“Download and ensure to use the 5 Minute Journal App. It’s the most quick and incredible tool for acknowledging gratitude and setting out your intentions for the day. Starting your day seeing the bright side will keep you seeking and drawing in positive things and people as you go about your business. Also, I really rate meditation. You are sure to be more productive and come to clearer conclusions to tricky situations much faster if you start the day simply grounding yourself and connecting with number one first (before attending to your kids or logging on at work!)” #StartBetter