We take a look at the 19-piece unisex range for sensitive, city-stressed and ageing skins. It can be yours tomorrow if you're on Prime. So how does it measure up?

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The choice of skincare brands is huge on Amazon but until today one player has been absent – and that's Amazon itself, which has never had its in-house brand. Hot on the heels of the e-tail giant's first makeup line Find Beauty  which launched earlier this year, comes Belei,  its first dedicated skincare line (insert fanfare here). It's unisex, it's vegan (mostly), it's paraben-free and formulated in Switzerland. Best of all, nothing costs more than £20.

The name is short (-ish)  for ‘Believe in Beauty’ and the collection consists of 19 products with three areas of focus: everyday care for normal skin, sensitive skin and anti-ageing.

Amazon isn’t trying to break new ground here with rare and exotic actives from far-flung places, this is skincare for people who are looking for reliable, affordable basics or want to dip their toe into the world of serums, scrubs and micellars but don’t know where to start.

While some of us live in a beauty bubble (guilty as charged!) this range reminds us that there are multitudes of skincare-curious online shoppers eager to explore ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E or charcoal and are looking for products that don't demand a degree in chemistry to decipher.

Then there’s the sheer convenience of having your skincare essentials arrive next day on Amazon Prime. Don’t think you’re keeping this to yourself though. The simple unisex branding and formulae works across all age-groups; you might find your favourite buys being swiped by your other half, flatmate or teen

What to expect - our picks of the range

There are everyday basics to tackle 21st-century concerns such as brightening, pollution and basic sun protection. The Dark Circle Softening Eye Cream, for instance, £18 which has brightening vitamin C derivate and omega-rich vitamin E.

There’s an emphasis on clearing the detritus of modern life with several ‘detox’ products such as the Detox Day Moisturiser with SPF 15, £16 as well as a mattifying Deep Cleansing Charcoal mask, £12. The Fresh Complexion Face Peel, £12 is actually a very nice physical exfoliator with fine granules and it left my skin feeling soft. One of my favourites from the range is the alcohol-free No-Rinse Micellar Water for Normal Skin, £8.

You'll also find a number of products with anti-ageing focus: the hero here is the Vitamin Booster Serum, £20, with protective antioxidants. It's described as enriched with super berries (whatever they are), vitamin C derivate and vitamin E and is said to tighten the skin. I didn't notice any immediate effects but the formula feels smooth and pleasant (possibly down to silicone which makes everything feel luxe).

Sensitive skin too is catered for with many fragrance-free offerings such as the Ultra Sensitive Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser with SPF 15, £16 and the Ultra Sensitive Anti-Ageing Hydrating Serum, £20 for dry skin.

If you love a foaming cleanser try the Cleansing Mousse for Normal Skin £10. Everyone can use the Ultra Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Milk, £8, which gets everything off without irritating. Follow it with the Clarifying and Refreshing Toning Water, £8, alcohol-free and rich in soothing aloe vera.

The handful of products we've tried leave us not unimpressed. Will you be adding to basket? Let us know in the comments below.

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