Banish the burn and protect your skin with this new UV ray measuring app

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How does it work?

The Sunblock app uses factors such as skin type, environment and daily UV index to calculate what level of SPF needs to be worn and how often it needs to be re-applied. Via use of the Global Positioning System, the app downloads satellite data for your specific location and tells you what the current UV index is, which in turn allows you to take the necessary precautions to stay sun-safe.

Special features

From a skin type identification system to a environmental modifier (allows users to select both their position as well factors such as snow or sea) it’s the special features on this app that work to give such a precise UV index. It also uses an altimeter - another cool feature that accounts for the higher exposure you’ll get in the mountains.

Not to mention it also includes a world satellite UV map allowing users to pack the precise SPF for their future holiday destinations.

Why do we love it?

Because there’s nothing worse than burning on the first day of your holiday or getting those pesky strap marks whilst out at a barbecue. Sunblock allows you to sidestep the SPF dilemmas and skip straight to staying safe and enjoying your summer. Plus Florida granny skin is so last year - currently the Glossy Posse are all about the porcelain doll look. Honest.

Why do we need it?

With a growing awareness into the harmful effect UV rays have on health it’s never been more important for us to take greater notice of all the nastiness that can result due to overexposure of the sun. So, this handy little app is great as it takes all the guesswork out of how much UV light we’re dealing with daily, leaving us happier and healthier.

Available on  Itunes , £1.49