They have been part of ancient healing rituals for years and now they have become a celebrity favourite. From diamonds to rubies and sapphire to rose quartz, skincare brands are incorporating crystal healing powers into their formulas.

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We’ve seen just about everything in skincare, from vampire facials to snail slime and bee venom, but there seems to be another trend on the horizon that encompasses beauty, wellness and gemstones. Yes, that’s right. Crystals - rubies, diamonds, rose quartz - which are usually found in jewellery hanging daintily on your vanity tables are now some of the hottest ingredients to use in luxury skincare products.

Crystals have gained a big celebrity following, including Victoria Beckham who admits to having carried crystals around with her in her handbag, as well as incorporating them into her jewellery line and AW18 collection. Ditto songstress Adele, who holds crystals during shows to act as her good luck charm, while Spencer Pratt (the blonde guy in The Hills) reportedly spent half a million dollars on crystals alone.


They have been used in holistic healing for centuries, with fans claiming they can do everything from boosting energy to calming nerves and balancing the body and mind. But when it comes to beauty, it isn’t a new thing either. It was said that Cleopatra bathed in water infused with rose quartz because of its strong healing and anti-ageing benefits, while everyone from Kate Hudson to the Kardashian-Jenners have revealed they use crystals and gemstones for their health and beauty boosts.

Kuwaiti mood-enhancing body care brand Prismologie  focuses on the power of colour and the benefits of gemstones. Each product contains gemstones, such as Jade and Veviter Restorative Hand Exfoliant, £30 , and the Diamond and Neroli Purifying Body Cream, £55 , among others. Former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr just launched KORA Organics  in Space NK in the UK, a brand that fuses clean beauty with the power of crystals. She spoke highly of her connection with the rose quartz , saying she could “feel their magic” and that the magical gemstone was an extension of who she is now. Rose quartz features heavily in her skincare line, including the Noni Radiant Eye Oil, £33 , which features a rose quartz roller, as well as the Rose Quartz Luminizer, £25 , a metallic rose pink highlighter.

Lucia Magnani, one of Italy’s leading wellbeing and skin experts, launched her eponymous luxury skincare line with crystal healing in mind. She is best known as the founder and director of the world-renowned Long-Life Clinic in the medieval, thermal spa town of Castrocaro Terme, near Bologna in Italy, which is also known for its energising quartz crystals, healing mineral waters and detoxifying velvet muds. Her skincare brand features all three. Her latest launch, the Crystal Skin Spritz, £90 , features Lucia’s unique micro Quartz crystal, which is rich in natural silica and vibrates on a higher frequency when it comes into contact with the skin.

79 Lux , a luxury skincare brand founded by Karen Cummings-Palmer, added rose quartz to its Ultra Nourishing Body Balm, £46 , to promote healthy wellbeing. She said: “I wanted to include rose quartz in our body balm as the crystal encourages self-love and healing, so the ritual of applying the balm has holistic benefits beyond the improvement of dry, dull and mature skin.” She also added a sparkling gemstone to her Rose Quartz Oil, which “supports healthy circulation and has wonderfully nourishing and healing qualities” for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. The health and beauty consultant swears by rose quartz, admiring its aesthetic as well as its healing properties, using her rose quartz roller daily.

Jade rollers have become popular too, with benefits including the reduction of puffiness and inflammation in the face through lymphatic draining. The same goes for using a facial gua sha tool, the ancient Chinese ritual that is said to soothe inflammation as well as ease everything from fever to headaches - even Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, uses the gua sha method on the superstar  to “get blood flow going and make skin healthy.”

It doesn’t look like the crystal healing trend is slowing down any time soon, and if the stars and skincare professionals swear by them, I think we ought to invest ourselves. I have started already with a rose quartz on my desk and I’m feeling the love already. Just think how our skin will feel when it soaks up all the good energy from each gemstone?

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