Annie Vischer talks to the experts to find out which products are the beauty high flyers when they're jetsetting around the world

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Ever wondered how the Victoria Beckhams and Gwyneth Paltrows of the world manage to breeze off their planes into a frenzy of paparazzi without so much as a mascara smudge under their eyes? Flying is renowned for taking its toll on our appearance and wellbeing, but measures can be taken to make the experience more bearable and the arrival into baggage claim a great deal more serene. We asked a selection of globetrotting industry experts to divulge their secrets behind a beauty friendly flight.

Mary Greenwell

“On long haul flights I tend to treat my skin with my night time regimen. I arrive with a little make-up on and as soon as I have settled into the flight I take it off with SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover , £30.00, and cotton pads. I then apply Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair , £44.00, over my entire face and decolletage along with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Eye Recovery Complex , £37.00.

“On top of that I then apply Sensai Ultimate The Cream , £580.00, to my face. Throughout the flight I spray Sensai Cellular Performance Hydra Change Mist , £55.00, which is a mist that provides excellent hydration. I always travel with my Hermes cashmere blanket, which is a convenient colour of brown to camouflage any in-flight spills that may occur. I always take a good book with me.”

Mary Greenwell is a celebrity makeup artist, founder of Plum and Lemon fragrances and Chanel Cosmetics Ambassador.

Nathalie Schyllert

“My in-flight beauty essentials are Neal’s Yard Organic Facial Wipes , £5.50, Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream , £100.00, YSL Touche Eclat,  £25.00, Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels , £25.00, INIKA Mineral Blush , £16.35, and Skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist,  £25.00. I always take my iPad to keep me entertained. I usually watch movies, listen to music and read books during the flight. A large bottle of water and fruit are essential to keep me hydrated and to have something to eat if the food on the flight is bad.

“I take a small pillow and a scarf to go over my head, which makes falling asleep much easier. I like to bring a change of comfortable clothes for a long haul flight such as leggings, a large cashmere jumper and compression socks. I tend to fly at least 2-3 times a month both for work with Bodyism and for various modelling jobs around the world; I also try to visit my family in Sweden and to fit in holidays with my husband and friends whenever my schedule permits. Last year I had five weddings to attend (including my own!) and they were all abroad, so it is very important to make the flights as comfortable as possible for myself, especially now that I am 6 months pregnant.”

Nathalie Schyllert is a part-time model and a personal trainer at Bodyism.

Marianne Newman

“I have a few in-flight essentials and I am such a ‘creature of habit’ that I really cannot travel without them! My beauty essentials mostly come from the This Works range. I am a bit of a This Works junkie when it comes to travel as there are so many that I love. There is an amazing range especially for travel called In Transit, all genius! The In Transit Traveller , £60.00, is perfection. I am also in love with the Deep Sleep range for de-stressing and calming. Maybe I’m imagining it but I’m sure the  Deep Sleep Stress Less , £12.00, put under your nose helps filter out all those plane air bugs!

“I am also a bit of a hygiene freak and will usually decant some Jurlique Hand Sanitiser , £12.50, to take with me to keep my hands clean and smelling gorgeous. My non-beauty essentials comprise of books from - I listen to books rather than read them as it is more relaxing. I listen to my current book every night and this is key to going to sleep for me. I can either get lost in the book or it can send me to sleep. For long haul flights I always take my ‘comfort blanket’, which is a thick, soft cashmere shawl given to me by Sam McKnight. I use it every night wherever I am to cover my shoulders and make my bed cosy and familiar.”

Marianne Newman is a fashion and celebrity manicurist and author of The Complete Nail Technician.

Caroline Barnes

“I try not to wear a foundation or any base when travelling, but if I do I buy The Good Things Face Wipes , £2.33, to take it off. They are a great price, biodegradable and don’t leave a residue on my skin. Before we take off I generously apply IIa Spa Glowing Radiance Facial Oil , £75.00, the aromatherapy oils smell heavenly and instantly get me into a relaxed state of mind. Throughout the flight I use Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist , £16.50. I’m obsessed with any rose-based products and this is so refreshing and divine. Before we land I use the incredible Lancome Renergie Yeux Multi Lift , £47.00. The eye cream has a fantastic texture and it instantly de-puffs and hydrates tired eyes. The concealer literally melts into the skin and brightens without looking obvious. It is perfect for a barely there finish. A sweep of Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara , £10.99, and Crème De La Mer Lip Balm , £40.00, and I feel human.

“After a long haul flight I will treat myself to an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask , £60.00. They look quite scary but the hydrating effects are the best on the market. Pricey but so worth it!”

Caroline Barnes is a renowned celebrity makeup artist and the UK Ambassador for Max Factor.

Calgary Avansino

“I love travelling and enjoy long flights where I can work non-stop without interruption (when I’m travelling by myself that is) but I must be prepared with all my flight essentials, otherwise my time above ground is not enjoyable. The idea of eating ‘plane food’ sends me into a panic so I always plan ahead and bring tons of snacks (nuts, flax crackers, apples, oatcakes, homemade granola) and if I have healthy leftovers hanging around at home I will pack those in containers I don’t mind throwing away and savour a full meal.

“Hydration is the key to comfortable travel but you can only drink so much plain water so I bring countless sachets with me to encourage maximum water consumption ( Pukka Clean Green  sachets, £1.19, are my favourite) and I always avoid alcohol. To hydrate my skin I pack Trilogy Rosehip Oil , £28.50, to slather on my face throughout the flight, and Suvana Organic Paw Paw Lip Balm , £8.50, underneath my natural Ilia Lipsticks , £20.00. Especially for long flights I wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid the inevitable panda eyes which occur with flying and I always use a very moisturising, light foundation to avoid ‘caking’ (Armani and Cover FX work best for me).

“At home before departing I usually rub a bit of coconut oil or argan oil through my hair and then plait it – this keeps it from getting tangled and when I take the plait out upon arrival it looks remarkably put-together…considering. Lastly I’m a complete sucker for soothing aromatherapy so I always keep aromatherapy roller balls in my bag and I religiously take flower essence droppers and sprays with me for relaxation and clarity of mind. If I stick to this routine I usually have a very productive flight and feel pretty darn good once I land.”

Calgary Avansino is Contributing Editor at Vogue.

Alison Loehnis

“My beauty in-flight essentials include Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm , £18.00 – it’s super rich and absorbs easily which is perfect for hydrating hands and feet in flight. Natura Bisse’s Diamond Drops Serum , £147.00, rejuvenates my skin and feels light and silky. By Terry’s Baume de Rose Lip Protectant , £35.00, has always been a favourite – it nourishes lips and adds a touch of gloss without being sticky. Use the excess to soften cuticles. It works!

Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater , £50.00, is a staple in my carry-on luggage – an ultra-soothing and hydrating spritz for the face and it smells divine.  3Lab’s Perfect BB Tinted Moisturiser , £72.00, seriously brightens your skin and covers any blemishes. I always apply this just before landing. Two absolute essentials for me are a cashmere blanket and a silk eye mask, as in-flight comfort is a must, especially on long haul flights. I like to ensure that I am well entertained on board so my iPad is always with me along with a great book. Music is a necessity and my Bose headphones are a great distraction. I’m not a big fan of plane food so I always take plenty of snacks with me and I always bring some airborne tablets – they’re a great immune booster, especially when flying.”

Alison Loehnis is Managing Director at NET-A-PORTER.COM.

Nichola Joss

“I always use an oil - at the moment my favourite is The Sanctuary Peptides Lipid Recovery Oil,  £22.00, from the Active Reverse range. It replenishes moisture and leaves my skin looking and feeling dewy and fresh. Crème de la Mer Lip Balm , £40.00, is an absolute must! I also mix my own floral spritz. I combine a couple of drops of rose absolut oil with distilled water, pop it into a spritzer and use it to keep my skin nourished and hydrated throughout the flight. I use the absolut oil because it is far more potent and protects, nourishes and hydrates my skin exceptionally well.

“I always take my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream , £19.00, and use it on my feet as well, applying generously before putting on socks. For long haul flights I use the Slendertone Face Female , £250.00, to keep blood flowing well. During flights everything seems to swell and my face can often end up looking puffy. The machine is great because you don’t have to move it around your face and it just looks like you’re wearing a headset. I use it for around 20minutes and it gently rejuvenates from the muscle level.

“Hair can get quite flat and dull during a flight, so I apply Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss , £21.00, which contains rice bran oil (I’m all about the oils!), then put my hair up. After the flight I take my hair down and it appears miraculously bouncy and glossy. I take my cashmere pyjamas with me for long haul flights and just doze off. I am not a big fan of eating a lot during a flight as I feel it makes you rather bloated, so I always bring miso soup sachets with me, and maybe some sushi. I seem to always have my iPad attached to my hand, and like to download BBC programmes I have missed.”

Nichola Joss is a world famous facialist and Global Ambassador for The Sanctuary Spa.

Kay Montano

“I’d say the main problem with flying is the negative impact on the body, and therefore your looks. The dehydration, the stress, the bad food and the sitting and standing for long periods in the queues. I always bring a litre bottle of water and buy a healthy Itsu salmon salad to eat – unless you are in 1st Class the food will make you feel terrible and bloated. The lower the class of travel, the more refined the starch and salt. I wear Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum , £75.00, and sometimes a night cream if it is a long haul flight. I also swear by knee-high support socks, it’s the only way I still have a sign of ankles at my final destination!”

Kay Montano is a celebrity makeup artist and Chanel Cosmetics Ambassador.