In celebration of its sell-out serum DreamTone, Lancôme USA has launched a social media campaign #bareselfie which asks women to dare to bare, writes Anna Hunter

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Today is a momentous day. The word ‘selfie’ has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as a ‘pouty self-portrait typically taken with a smartphone’. For reference, see Kelly Brook, Miley Cyrus and Craig David (although the latter could qualify as a ‘healthie’ given his recent bodybuilding efforts of late).

There are selfie sinners and selfie saints, but most would agree that a tasteful, unpretentious selfie is a difficult feat to pull off. Essentially, you need to be making a point, rather than just parading your new bikini or boasting about your guns. Which is where Lancôme USA’s new DreamTone serum Instagram and Twitter campaign comes in.

Lancôme USA’s latest social media campaign asks followers to post a #bareselfie in order to showcase women’s natural beauty (read: not naked). Snapping yourself sans slap requires some steely self-confidence, but once uploaded into a gallery of similarly squeaky clean sisters, you will realise that you are not in fact a newborn baby mole when without maquillage, you are in fact all woman.

It’s not just powder and paint that creates a pretty portrait, your self-worth and sense of perspective comes into play too, and scrolling through the #bareselfie Instagram shots can’t help but make you feel empowered to give it a go too.

MORE GLOSS: Lancome launches DreamTone

Of course there is some commercial promotion at play here too, as the campaign aims to promote Lancôme’s sell-out new serum, DreamTone . A barely-there tinted serum that visibly corrects pigmentation, uneven skintone and colour imperfections, this new power potion could be considered the cosmetic elixir of life, as its skin-perfecting prowess and glow-giving properties spring into action after only a short period of use.

The #bareselfie campaign reflects Lancôme’s confidence in both the product and its users’ unadorned beauty, and if it makes women feel like they can forgo the foundation even for just a day then that seems pretty positive to us. What’s more, Kate Middleton is said to love DreamTone, and we doubt that she’s a lady with a lot of time to spare on fiddly make-up application at the moment…

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