Here’s how BeGlow’s new sonic skincare device could give your cleansing routine an energy boost

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It’s no secret that cleansing is big business; a recent Mintel report revealed 92% of women use facial cleansers, be they face washes, wipes, micellar waters or even traditional bars (which are on the rise), no doubt forming quite a chunk of the £1.15 billion British women spent on facial skincare last year. But however you prefer to swipe away the day’s grime, you can supercharge the effects with BeGlow’s latest gadget which has just launched on Net-a-Porter, the TIA Sonic Skin Care System - here’s what it can do for you…

It powers up your cleansing routine

Cleansing brushes have lost some of their appeal in recent years, with skincare experts unable to agree on whether they’re doing more harm than good to our increasingly sensitised skin - but the newer generations have ditched the harsh, almost abrasive bristles and gone high tech, opting instead for smoother silicone heads for a gentler, antibacterial approach that still promises a deeper clean.

BeGlow’s TIA device has a replaceable silicone brush head (replaceable because the team behind the innovative brand found that repeated use of certain products can compromise the surface over time, so it’s best to change it once a year - plus it makes cleaning it a doddle), and the soft nodules mean even hypersensitive skin can benefit. The result? An effective sonic cleansing brush that’s kind enough to use in your everyday routine.

Choose from the standard cleansing mode, or switch to the SkinSense Technology - pulsations that work intuitively with you and your skin. Lighter pressure is applied over sensitive areas - reducing the pulsations while firmer pressure is applied on more congested areas to increase pulsations for a deeper clean. The pulses start only when the brush touches your face, for maximum control; either way you’ll remove far more impurities than you would by hand for a more thorough and satisfying cleanse.

It makes your products work harder

Once you’ve successfully removed every grain of makeup and your skin is feeling fresh, it’s onto the functional yet more luxurious task of stepping it up with the TIA’s titanium plate. Mimicking the effects of an expert facial massage, the second head of the gadget takes your morning and nighttime regime up a notch as the unique 200Hz pulsations help to boost your blood circulation, which in turn reduces puffiness, improves radiance and encourages better absorption of your serums, moisturisers and other skincare.

Our top tip? Put the device in the freezer for a couple of minutes before use for an extra soothing and youth-boosting buzz; the cold metal will leave skin looking and feeling brighter in no time, and feels especially heavenly on tired temples after a long day.

It gives you a lift

The 3-in-1 cleansing tool does more than simply remove makeup and wake up your skin; ergonomically designed, the whole device can then be switched onto its dual pulse technology mode to tone, lift and sculpt.

Alternating between high and low pulsations, the sagginess-fighting tool keeps your muscles on their metaphorical toes as you hold it along the jawline, cheekbones or jowls (wherever you need a lift or definition) - a mini targeted workout that keeps your complexion looking perky, and without a drop of sweat required. If only they did one for the whole body…

The BeGlow TIA is £199 and available now from  Net-a-Porter