From the cult £10 balm to the game-changing gadget, these are the best beauty editor-approved body buys

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We tend to spend far less time and attention on the products we apply from the neck down compared to those for the neck up. Considering we spend the vast majority of the year with our bodies covered up, it’s no wonder really. However, when summer does (finally) arrive or an event oufit means more flesh on show, most people want their skin to look smooth, feel soft and exude glow. So we asked five beauty editors to recommend the body products they genuinely use on repeat. 

Victoria Woodhall, GTG’s Editorial Director, seeks out clever multi-taskers

The hydrating scented body oil: Kalmar Calm Restore Body & Massage Oil, £39

“I’m really careful about using fragrance in the summer as spraying directly onto your skin can cause sun sensitivity, especially on the thin décolletage area, due to the alcohol content (I stick to spraying my clothes). But this body oil is my secret fragrance weapon. With powdery notes of iris as well as warming vanilla, it smells like Glosser You only more sophisticated. Plus it’s a brilliant moisturiser too.”

The positivity boosting body mist: Subtle Energies Aura Protection Body Mist, £50 

“This energetic mist for your body and your ‘space’ makes any hotel room, guest bed or yoga mat feel like home. Corporate types use it for decision-making too. The founder of this ayurveda biotech brand, Farida Irani, told me to spray it everywhere the minute you get into a new hotel room clear away the previous occupant's energetic rubbish, the kind the cleaners don’t see. Regardless, this alcohol-free tulsi and saffron spray that’s a familiar scent from home, helps me easily swerve ‘first night syndrome’ - that new bedroom wakefulness you get when you travel.”

The shimmering body SPF: Heliocare 360 Body Glow SPF 50+, £28.99

“This genius SPF from specialist suncare brand Heliocare has an all-tones sheer tint that’s super useful: it not only tells me if I’ve missed bits but warms up my pasty limbs. It’s high-strength, water and sweat-resistant and has a subtle shimmer. The formula is gel-oil but it doesn’t feel greasy – a new launch this year and a future classic because tinted body SPFs are surprisingly rare.”

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SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG’s Beauty Director, is all about a body bargain

The exfoliating solid bar: The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Body Stick, £15

“This clever stick is a new addition to my body arsenal but it has worked absolute wonders on my cracked heels and dry skin in just a few weeks. It’s a solid bar format making it really easy to use (consistency is key with any body product). It contains shea butter, so it’s really creamy and easy to glide over the skin, it also contains seven per cent glycolic acid, which dissolves and exfoliates dry skin, as well as salicylic acid which clears out pores - making this an excellent option for ingrown hairs and body acne too.” 

The bumper-size body lotion: Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Body Lotion, £16.50 

“I’m always amazed at how much product you get with Naturium, given its competitive price points. This is a stonking 414ml-sized bottle that comes with a handy pump applicator which means getting it on quicker and easier. The texture is sublime: creamy and silky without being heavy or sticky. A few cursory sweeps and it sinks in with minimal effort and my skin feels plump and looks glowy and fresh.”

The fool-proof gradual tan: Dove Body Love Summer Revived Gradual Tanning Mousse, £5.74 

“Proving that good products don’t need to cost the earth, this is a brilliant gradual tan. The consistency is creamy and velvety, and it doesn’t dissipate to thin air before you’ve had time to massage it in. But most importantly, it transforms skin from looking pallid and grey to golden and glowy in a few hours. And because it’s a gradual tan with a lower level of DHA you don’t run the risk of streaks and patches as you do with fake tans. It has a fairly strong fruity scent but I’d rather that than the dreaded wet biscuit smell.”

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Ateh Jewel, journalist and founder of Ateh Jewel Beauty, likes a bit of tech

The calming oil: Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, £58 

“This is a healing hug in a bottle and I don’t use those words lightly. The blend of oils is so calming and grounding. It makes my bathroom and whole house smell amazing and I find it incredibly soothing.”

The cult body oil: Ren Moroccan Rose Bath Oil, £35 

“Undoubtedly, the OG of body oils. It is rose, but not your granny’s rose. It is heady and sexy; like you’re walking at night, in chiffon, somewhere exotic. I love using it whenever I want to feel decadent and like I’ve travelled around the world when in reality I’m at home doing the laundry. It’s amazing for summer because it doubles up as a body perfume and it’s so hydrating and deeply nourishing. I massage it on my legs and décolletage.”

The skin-tightening tech: Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté Mask, £350.90

“I have been on a healing and weight loss journey to reverse my type 2 diabetes. And as a result, the natural filler in my neck and décolleté has gone. This has been a complete game-changer in toning it back up again. It really is incredible and very relaxing to use. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin and it’s now firmly part of my regular body routine.”

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Inge van Lotringen, award-winning journalist, loves her magic balm 

The skin healing balm: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5, £10.90 

“This is my salve for ‘sore everything’ because, unlike other all-purpose balms, it noticeably settles irritation and helps heal rashes, grazes and inflammation anywhere on the body. It has 5 per cent calming panthenol, a microbiome-balancing complex and antibacterial properties and it can even serve as a face cream when everything else makes it flare up.”

The skin smoothing body cream: Nécessaire The Body Retinol, £56 

“Using this gives you the sleekest, smoothest body skin, although I think it’s thanks to the ten per cent acid blend as much as the retinol. Very light, it’s unscented (and odd-smelling) so that’s great for me because fragrance gives me a rash.”

The spa-like shower oil: Wildsmith Vitality Shower Oil, £42

“I love a shower oil – it cleanses and moisturises and then rinses off like milk so there’s no risk of slipping and breaking your neck in the shower. And this one is by far the most delicious. It’s based on a blend of nurturing plant oils and the scent is expensively aromatherapeutic with black pepper, ginger and cedarwood. It leaves limbs with a veil of scent that’s so subtle it doesn’t irritate even my sensitive skin.”

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Lucy Partington, freelance beauty journalist, is a Lush latecomer

The cult limited edition shower gel: Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel, £16 

“Having never been much of a Lush fan, this shower gel is relatively new to me but I wish I’d discovered it sooner. Sweet but not cloying, it smells warm and comforting like a freshly baked sticky toffee pud. I love that the scent lingers beautifully on my skin and in the bathroom, and it’s even better when paired with the body scrub. Annoyingly it’s a limited edition – although super fans are constantly petitioning to make it a permanent addition to the range, so here’s hoping Lush takes note…”

The iconic body butter: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, £19

“Try as I might to find a better, more nourishing body lotion that nourishes and hydrates without being sticky, I really can’t. Don’t be fooled by its thick texture because it melts into skin easily; although it’s rich, it's not greasy. It immediately impacts my perpetually dry elbows and manages to make my neglected skin look and feel soft and moisturised. A little bit really does go a long way, and I love the subtle-not-overpowering scent it has.”

The skin smoothing deodorant: Nécessaire The Deodorant Gel, £18 

“I am always waxing lyrical about this product. It’s the only deodorant I’ve used for the past two years, and although it’s fairly expensive compared to others, it’s worth every penny. Formulated with a blend of AHAs, it works to help smooth the underarms (no more pesky shaving bumps here!), it’s non-sticky and it leaves me feeling fresh all day. Plus. it doesn’t contain aluminium or baking powder.”

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