Aurelia burst out of the blocks to much acclaim from industry experts and women everywhere, but how did the brand come about? Founder Claire Vero invites us into the boardroom…

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Not many skincare brands boast products that are at the cutting edge of both science and natural, botanical beauty, have supreme anti-ageing capacities, look like works of art and are created by an all woman team, but Aurelia achieves all of this, and more as it turns out. We should have known given that the brand won a whopping 28 awards in as many months. Here’s how they put probiotic skincare on the map, built a business and gave women their glow back, according to founder Claire Vero.

How did the idea for Aurelia come about? Why probiotic skincare?

My inspiration to launch  Aurelia Probiotic Skincare  came from insights I gathered from working in pharmaceuticals. I was consulting on a treatment for patients diagnosed with chronic plaque psoriasis and came across probiotics. It was through this work that I realised the impact and importance that skin and its condition can have on every aspect of your life and how intrinsically linked self-esteem and skin health were. I had always been passionate about skincare and, having discovered how the power of probiotics can balance the skin’s inflammatory response, I set about creating a scientifically proven skincare range for all skin types that would focus on radiance, glow and age prevention.

Who is the average Aurelia customer and what is her main concern?

The average Aurelia Probiotic Skincare customer is looking for effective, natural skincare that will give visible results without compromising on quality, luxury or ingredients. The main concern that comes up is a lack of radiance, which is one of the first signs of premature ageing. Whether you are in your early thirties or over 65, it's dull skin that ages you so women are looking for products to bring back a natural glow, radiance and luminosity, which happily is what Aurelia Probiotic Skincare does!

How did you decide on the name of the brand?

The name Aurelia comes from the Latin for ‘gold’ which has such lovely, luxurious connotations. Aurelia is such a pretty name and actually would have been the name I would have given to my first daughter!

What does a typical day look like at Aurelia HQ?

I work in the office three days a week and a typical day involves arriving at about 8.30am. I’ll check my emails and reply to anything urgent until 9am, then meet with Aurelia’s Marketing Director over a cup of tea to talk about current and upcoming initiatives. We’re still a small company so all the teams work closely together and we have regular meetings between departments. Thursdays are normally spent at press meetings which can mean a lot of travelling between appointments! As I spend three days a week in the office I tend to stay until about 7pm, sometimes later.

What is the hero Aurelia product? Why is it so popular do you think?

The  Miracle Cleanser , especially for people who are new to the brand. For me, cleansing is a fundamental step in every skincare routine and I talk a lot about the benefits of a creamy cleanse. Saying that, the range is still small so the other products are not far behind!

As a British brand that manufactures in the UK, how important is it to hold onto homegrown roots? How do British women, British ingredients and British style influence the brand?

Knowing where you are from and what has inspired you is hugely important. We have been so lucky to be involved with classic British institutions such as  Liberty  who launched us exclusively in store six months after we launched. The British trend for natural skincare choices helped to influence me when coming up with the concept for Aurelia and I and my team are involved with CEW which nurtures, mentors and supports women in the industry.

The product packaging is beautiful- how do you come up with designs? Why pink?

We originally went through a lot of different ideas but kept coming back to our soft pink colour. It was amazing when the final packaging designs were passed round. I just knew it was perfect, and the feedback we get from everyone on the way it looks has been incredible. Adding the gold to the boxes makes everything look that little bit more special, and together with the pink makes for such a classic, feminine feel. I love the apothecary-style jars and bottles we use too which help to protect the precious ingredients inside.

Aurelia is an award winning business run by women, for women. Do you feel that the beauty industry in general caters for women’s needs? How has Aurelia distinguished itself in the market?

I believe the beauty industry is going from strength to strength in terms of catering for women’s needs, with organisations such as  CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)  helping to drive women’s success in the industry. There are so many fantastic products out there so we try hard to ensure that we can offer women an abundance of information. We are constantly updating our site with material on the science, botanicals and facts about skincare through our weekly blog. I feel it’s hugely important to be open about the way that products are going to benefit skin, which has helped distinguish us in the market.

Can you sum up Aurelia in five words?

Scientific, natural, luxurious, contemporary and British.

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