They're the beauty tool that truly can help with cellulite as well as boosting circulation and making skin glow. Read on to find our pick of the best body brushes

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Gwyneth Paltrow has waxed lyrical about the benefits of dry brushing for years. She has even taken to Instagram to show her followers exactly how she does it (normally after her morning workout, before her shower and in her infrared sauna) and says of the practice: “The bristles feel so good on my skin. There’s nothing like it.”

And in an experiment conducted by the University of Sunderland a group of women put three popular cellulite treatments to the test and after five weeks body brushing provided the greatest improvement.

Not sure how to use one? The recommended application technique is to brush before you hop into the bath or shower; start from your feet and work your way up your body in gentle circular motions, brushing all over to stimulate circulation, smooth skin and, according to the experts, help to banish cellulite. Read our guide on how to body brush and the benefits  for a total low down on what to expect from the latest addition to your body care routine.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to add a body brush to your beauty toolkit then here are some of the best ones out there.

6 of the best body brushes

1. The best overall body brush: Legology Lymph-Lite Body Brush, £16

Made from sustainable wood  bristles this brush fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand so that you can get to work on brushing your legs. It can be used wet or dry and can also be teamed with body oil, and it is safe to use during pregnancy and ideal for working on reducing puffy legs from water retention.

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2. The best body brush for those hard-to-reach bits: Boots Botanics Natural Bristle Body Brush, £6.50

Made from vegan bristles, this long-handled brush is perfect for using all over your body including those tricksy areas on your back. The bristles do feel a bit stiff to begin with but they soften up after the first use.

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3. The best budget body brush: Mama Mio Body Brush, £6

In-between the natural vegan bristles are also soft rubber nodules which allow for a slightly deeper massage - this is a great option for sporty types whose aching limbs may need a little extra TLC. The bristles offer up all the regular levels of exfoliation you would expect from a dry body brush and it fits easily into the palm of your hand.

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4. The best luxury body brush: Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush, £28

Utilising natural cactus bristles this brush does feel quite firm to begin with but it does make for an invigorating scrub. The strap helps provide good grip and you can get a really good pressure with it especially along the arms as the slightly oval shape of the brush glides easily up.

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5.The best multi-purpose body brush: Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush, £20

With its detachable long handle this really is the brush that works for everyone and everywhere. Keep the handle on for brushing your back or if you struggle to reach your legs and take it off for focusing on areas like your arms and chest.

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6. The best eco body brush: Urban Veda Dry Body Brush, £18.50

Vegan, sustainably produced and packed in plastic-free and biodegradable outer packaging, this walnut wood and cactus sisal fibre body brush has firm bristles for a truly invigorating brush that leaves the skin feeling warmed and circulation boosted.

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