Hand gel is hard to come by at the moment, but these ones are still available - and won't leave your hands dry

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We can hardly remember a time when hand sanitiser wasn't a permanent fixture in our bags; since coronavirus began it's become a staple in our daily routine - when the shelves of Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury's were bereft of the bottles of gel people were even turning to making their own sanitiser at home from surgical spirit and aloe vera .

Since then a large number of beauty brands noticed the demand and changed the focus of their factories to create hand sanitisers (see below examples).

When you're looking to buy sanitisers, keep in mind that to be effective hand sanitiser needs to have 60 per cent alcohol, as this will kill the virus, but as we all know actually washing your hands is preferable to using a hand gel, as our resident GP Dr Johanna Ward reminds us: “The most important thing that we can do right now to prevent coronavirus is to practice good personal hygiene. Handwashing is the single most important preventative hygiene measure. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water many times throughout the day. If you cannot get near a sink then use a hand gel with at least 60 per cent alcohol in it as this will kill the virus. The coronavirus has a structure that the alcohol can attack.”

Despite the high street shelves often being bereft of sanitisers, there is still a selection of germ-battling ones available online, all with 60 per cent alcohol. Here are the ones we're reaching for to keep bugs at bay - and as a bonus, they're kind to hands as we know alcohol is one of the most drying ingredients out there.

Sanctuary Spa Antibacterial Hand Gel Spray, £5 for 100ml

This spray hand gel is scented with Sanctuary's iconic signature scent for a real spa-like treat. It has a 70 per cent alcohol content and is very light on the skin and instantly absorbs - but isn't over-drying.

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Bybi Clean Hands Moisturising Antibacterial Spray, £5.50

Your hand sanitiser collection will take an altogether more chic turn with this in your life. Vegan skincare brand Bybi's hand-san offering lives in a baby pink bottle with gold lettering (so far, so cool), smells of lavender and contains 65 per cent alcohol to reduce levels of bacteria at the same time as soothing the hands. It's a spray formula that absorbs in seconds and when the time eventually comes to get back on the tube this will certainly be a handbag staple

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Bramley Hand Sanitiser Gel, from £4 for 50ml

If you like your hand sanitiser on the high-end side, you'll love Bramley's offering. Scented with rosemary, spearmint and peppermint essential oils, a spritz of this is like being transported to the spa. It's 60 per cent alcohol and comes in both a handbag sizes 50ml and a bumper 1litre, so you can refill (plus a 100ml and a 250ml bottle)

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Dr Bronner's Organic Peppermint Hand Hygiene Spray, £5.25 for 60ml

Dr Bronner's' lavender hand sanitiser  has always been a favourite of ours (as pictured at the top of this article) so we were excited to learn that there's a peppermint one too! It contains 62 per cent alcohol along with organic fairtrade peppermint oil for the refreshing scent. We know it sounds weird, but it feels cooling to spray on with such a crisp scent. A handbag essential this summer for sure.

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Neighbourhood Botanicals Hand Sanitiser, £6 for 50ml, £9 for 100ml

In response to the covid-19 crisis, Neighbourhood Botanicals are using their existing lab supplies to create new hand sanitiser for the growing demand in the UK and beyond.

In line with the World Health Organisation recommendation, this natural formulation consists of 75 per cent alcohol, alongside botanicals eucalyptus, fennel and sage, with added moisturisers to prevent your hands from drying out.

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Botanicals Sanitising Spritz, £8.95

Organic skincare brand Botanicals has completely switched production in the factory to exclusively create this hand sanitiser, putting all other products on hold. It's 100 per cent natural, 100 per cent vegan and certified organic by the Soil Association - providing gentle yet effective antibacterial protection without the use of chemical nasties. It has 60 per cent alcohol derived from sugar beet to sanitise, plus lavender and tea tree essential oils.

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Previse Hand Sanitiser, £11

Formulated with 75 per cent isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin, this hand sanitiser was created by Previse in double-quick time to address the demand for hand cleansers. It launched on March 26 and was in stock at the time of writing - be quick though, we predict a sell out.

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Pai Acton Spirit Hand Sanitiser, £8

We've long loved Pai skincare for their sensitive skin products and now in response to the demand for hand sanitiser, the brand has created one! The first batch, created in South Acton - hence the name, was distributed to neighbouring schools, nurseries and charities and the second batch should be ready from 30th March, with a buy one, gift one initiative - for every type you buy one is given to a school, nurse or beauty bank charity.

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Salcura Bioskin Hand Sanitiser , £8.99

Vegan skincare brand Salcura tends to make products without chemicals, parabens or alcohol, however as it's impossible to make an effective hand sanitiser without alcohol, the brand worked to create a cleanser that retains a level of skin-friendliness, adding tea tree and lavender to the mix, which are godsends for dehydrated skin.

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Margaret Dabbs Hand Sanitiser, from £12

Enriched with hemp seed oil and seaweed extract to soothe the skin, this cleanser not only contains 65 per cent alcohol but within the formulation there’s also white water lily which has been shown to have powerful antibacterial properties, says Shabir Daya, pharmacist and co-founder of victoriahealth.com . "This hand sanitiser also helps to moisturise hands - many alcohol-based sanitisers dry the hands resulting in cracks from which infection-causing organisms can spread into the body," he says.

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Edge Nails Hand Sanitiser Spray, £8.95 for 200ml

This no-frills hand sanitiser is designed for use by professional nail technicians during manicures and pedicures and is made with 75 per cent alcohol. It's fast-drying meaning it's not the most gentle on your hands but follow with one of our favourite hand creams  and you'll be golden.

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Mad Beauty Disney Hand Sanitisers, £3.75 each

Don't be fooled by the cute appearance of these Disney hand sanitisers - they pack a powerful anti-bacterial punch, with 62 per cent alcohol. They smell nice too, in coconut, melon, strawberry and vanilla fragrances. Yes, you might feel a little silly whipping out a Bambi cleanser in a meeting but at least your hands will be clean.

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Mad Beauty Neon Hand Sanitiser, £3.50 each

For a less character-centric cleanse, these from Mad Beauty are a good choice. They also have 62 per cent alcohol in and come in rose, melon, coconut and cherry scents.

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Soaper Duper Hydrating Lemon Hand Gel, £2.99 for 50ml

Soaper Duper's sanitiser smells fresh and zingy making us feel like it's working extra hard - which it is, as it contains 64 per cent alcohol, along with aloe vera to stop it from drying out your hands. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, AWAITING NEWS OF A RESTOCK.

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