The best-selling stretch mark oil brand has created a gel-oil hybrid to moisturise dry skin types

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Everyone knows the orange logo; Bio-Oil has become a household name across the globe for its best-selling stretch mark oil which has been stocked in bathrooms for 30 years, but after much research and development the brand is finally releasing its second product in the form of Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel.

A pink, jelly-like oil-gel hybrid that’s served up in a pot that’s not dissimilar to those aqueous cream tubs sold by pharmacies, the new launch is set to tackle the needs of dry skin. With one in five of us in the UK said to be suffering, it’s got the potential to be as big as the original oil - but what makes it different?

It’s full of moisturising ingredients

It comes as no surprise that it’s mineral oil-based, with the researchers keen to replace the water in typical dry skin formulas to create a 100% active product, though this may be off-putting for some (mineral oil is widely debated in online skincare communities as to whether it’s good for the skin or not).

That said, the formula is also packed full of humectants and proven hydrators including urea, niacinamide , hyaluronic acid , glycerine and shea butter that we know will keep the skin very well moisturised.

The texture is the key

The occlusive gel’s texture, though, is its biggest selling point; jelly moisturiser formulations are a trend  we’ve already seen on the rise, hailed for their lightweight and fast-absorbing properties - exactly what you need if you’re struggling with the often sore condition of dry skin on the body.

The wobbly jelly texture of the Dry Skin Gel is odd, initially, with a stickiness to it that feels counter-intuitive; with dry skin conditions you want something that spreads easily to reduce discomfort. However, once you apply even the smallest amount the sticky gel transforms into an oil which melts immediately into the skin, leaving a light fresh scent behind and not even a hint of a greasy finish.

It lasts longer

The high level of actives means you need only a pinch to cover a large area, and the ease with which it spreads means you’ll use far less than you would of your usual dry skin cream . Economical and effective, we predict it’ll be a household name in no time.

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is available now, £14.99 for 200ml at