Mesoestetic’s Aox Ferulic is here to combat the effects of blue light on your skin, freshening and brightening your complexion immediately. Sign us up!

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Written in partnership with Face The Future

Fresh from almost two weeks off work, you'd think our skin would have had a nice break from the damaging effects of blue light . But while we may have been away from computer screens and emails, we were bingeing all the new TV releases (hello  Emily in Paris  and The Girl Before) and still endlessly scrolling (what else is there to do in isolation?).

Sadly, blue light can have quite a detrimental effect on our skin. Overexposure to blue light (also known as HEV light) can show itself via pigmentation , wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, collagen damage, a weakened skin barrier  and skin sensitivity. Yikes.

Luckily help is at hand in the form of Mesoestetic’s Aox Ferulic,  £89.99. This super-charged, easily-absorbed serum is your one-stop-shop for limiting the damage of blue light exposure (and giving you a hand with anti-ageing while it's at it). Just apply four drops morning and night before your moisturiser and you're good to go. Testers says they saw an improvement in brightness immediately, which has us sold!

The wonder antioxidant gets to work by creating a shield against blue light exposure thanks to 15 per cent ascorbic acid, which is the most active form of vitamin C  and the most stable form of the ingredient, making it extra powerful when it comes to antioxidant prowess, plus it's brightening too if dull skin is one of your bugbears. The serum also supports collagen production for bouncier skin and supports the skin barrier, so has anti-ageing credentials too.

Alongside vitamin C, antioxidant powerhouse ferulic acid is included in Mesoestetic’s Aox Ferulic (hence the name). Ferulic acid is known for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles and fading brown spots and is combined here with barrier-boosting vitamin E, which also helps protect against photodamage when combined with vitamin C. These complementing antioxidants pair perfectly with vitamin C and boost its efficacy and stability.

Among people who used Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic once a day for 28 days, 90 per cent noticed brighter skin, while 100 per cent of testers noticed increased firmness and a general improvement in the quality of their skin.

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