From effervescent tablets to gummies to capsules, Bobbi Brown’s wellness collection Evolution_18 has everything you need to get the glow from the inside out

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Bobbi Brown  has been a permanent fixture in our makeup bags for as long as we can remember, and she’s set to take over our bathroom cabinets too, with the launch of her wellness range of beauty ingestibles,  Evolution_18,  landing in Boots  on 6 January.

After 28 years at the helm of her eponymous brand, Bobbi Brown left the company in 2016 and began looking for a new challenge, turning her attention to the wellness industry. 

She set about obtaining a nutrition qualification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition , and combined with two decades worth of talking to women about their health and wellness challenges, felt inspired to launch her wellness line, a natural extension of her belief that beauty comes from the inside out.

The end result? Seven highly effective yet simple beauty ingestibles; Brown’s first foray into wellness comprises of supplements jampacked with biotin, collagen, keratin and hyaluronic acid. Reading over the list of benefits each of the iterations offers, we couldn't help but think they all sounded very similar, but since there's such a variety of ways to take them, we think the USP could be that there's a way for everyone to enjoy supplements, whether you like to chew on a gummy at your desk, add a scoop to your smoothie or swallow a capsule.

Beauty Bubbles Collagen, £20 for 20 servings

Designed to nourish and strengthen hair, skin and nails, these berry flavour effervescent tablets have been formulated with bovine collagen peptides to improve skin elasticity, along with essential vitamins and minerals to build collagen and elastin. They include 100 per cent of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C, zinc and copper.

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Beauty Bubbles Recharge, £20 for 20 servings

These effervescent tablets are pomberry flavoured. "What's pomberry?" we hear you ask - a combination of pomegranate and strawberry, apparently. Other than the flavour, these sound pleasingly straight forward. Developed to hydrate skin and deliver an energy boost, hyaluronic acid helps these tablets lock in moisture and keep joints lubricated, plus they hold host to 500 per cent of the RDI of vitamin B12.

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Beauty Collagen Powder, £25 for 14 servings

A scoop of this unflavoured powder is a no-frills way to support your skin, hair and nails thanks to 14 grams of protein and hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides - not sure what hydrolysed collagen is? Read our guide to collagen  for everything you need to know.

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Beauty Glow Capsules, £15 for 60

These simple supplements deliver 150 per cent of your RDI of vitamin C, along with 100 per cent of your RDI of vitamin E. Hydrolysed bovine and chicken collagen help you fight the signs of ageing, while vitamins and hyaluronic acid repair the elasticity of your skin.

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Beauty Grow Capsules, £15 for 30 servings

Similar to Beauty Glow, but with added biotin, these capsules provide over 8,000 per cent of the RDI of biotin, promising shinier hair, stronger nails and firmer skin. Keratin is also inside, along with hydrolysed bovine and chicken collagen.

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Beauty Gummy, £20 for 30

If you're a slave to the health gummies trend , we suspect you'll be a fan of these. They're berry flavoured (yum) and contain over 30,000 per cent of the RDI of biotin to support hair and nail strength and growth.

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Beauty Blend, £25 for 15 servings

This berry-flavour powder features a blend of over 30 fruits, vegetables and superfoods, plus a blend of healthy fats to nourish skin from the inside out. Add one scoop to your smoothie to supercharge it - a scoop contains 70 calories and includes blueberry, kale and broccoli.

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