This new Boots skincare range aims to boost hydration by 60%. It launches this week with everything at £10. Here’s what to expect

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Boots No7 skincare is mainly known for targeted ranges that have high street anti-ageing skincare nailed. Think of the much-lauded Restore and Renew , Protect and Perfect  and Lift and Luminate  offerings. Now it's doing things a bit differently with No7 HydraLuminous, an affordable range of creams and gels, which goes all out for a healthy glow.

When Boots researched the skincare concerns of the 25-35 age-group, two things came up tops: how to keep hydration in and glow-sapping environmental aggressors out. Enter these seven creams, gels and serums, which major on hydration, brightening and environmental protection. The range is aimed primarily at GenX-ers and Millennials, although it's good for anyone with thirsty skin. Consumer testing by Boots on 263 women showed that it delivered "visibly fresh and glowing skin within a week". They also claim that hydration is improved by more than 60 per cent immediately. That's most likely down to the hero ingredient  hyaluronic acid , which no self-respecting hydrator these days is without.

The buzz started with the launch of   No7’s HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation and Concealer,  which we raved about back in February. Light on weight, but big on glow and antioxidant support, it gives a clue as to what to expect from its skincare big sister.

What's in the No7 HydraLuminous skincare range?

If you don't like anything too heavy or oily, but find that your skin needs quenching, you'll love these light textures, oil-free formulations, gels and waters. Everything is £14 but slashed to £10 until 9 April 2019 for the first month of launch.

There are two key proprietary ingredients. Firstly, a HydraDrench complex described as being made of "plant hydrators to instantly boost skin’s hydration to give visibly fresh and glowing skin in one week".

The second is Pollution Shield Technology, a bisaccharide gum that creates film on the skin’s surface to keep out pollution particles which can damage the skin barrier and cause pigmentation, breakouts and dullness.

Day Creams

There are four day creams, each with a different weight and texture, featuring HydraDrench and Pollution Shield.

* Hydra Luminous Water Surge Gel  - oil-free, providing 72-hour hydration, according to No7.

* HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream  - oil-free but slightly richer and with the same 72-hour hydration promise.

* HydraLuminous Day Lotion SPF 15  - a light lotion which also has 5*UVA protection.

* HydraLuminous Day Cream SPF15  - as above, but a little richer.

Night Creams

Choose from two night creams, which hydrate and claim to support the skin's recovery from environmental stress with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory bisabolol, which is derived from chamomile.

* HydraLuminous overnight Recovery Cream , rehydrates drier skin

* HydraLuminous Recovery Gel Cream , a lighter recovery cream


Lastly, there’s a pre-moisturising concentrate

* HyrdaLuminous Water Concentrate  - an oil-free hydrating serum, which goes on under moisturiser.

Our view:

For me, the standout product of the range is the HyrdaLuminous Water Concentrate , a super light oil-free hydrating serum that I put on my skin first thing. It feels like a great big glug of water that stops my skin becoming thirsty later in the day. I'd recommend this for anyone, especially in the dry winter months or if your environment involves aircon.

This product has been tested on real women in the lab using a corneometer (a machine that measures skin hydration). The tests showed that hydration was instantly boosted by 100 per cent. I'm well beyond the target age range, but I liked the lightweight feel of the Water and the Day Cream and if I needed a top-up or was working out. But I couldn't get by without adding oil at night.

Our Account Exec Alex, who is in her 20s, has oily skin and is a huge fan of Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range (with which HydraLuminous has undoubted similarities) liked the serum too. But she broke out when she used the Water Surge Gel Cream  on her oily skin as she found it too rich. As with any skincare, it’s highly personal, however, the price drop from £14 to £10 makes finding the right fit for you a little more doable.

If you’re after lightweight formulae that major on glow and environmental protection and make basic SPF easy, HydraLuminous is worth a try at any age.

Buy the HydraLuminous Skincare range now in Boots.