Turn your washroom into a magical Moroccan bathhouse with these top budget beauty buys

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With the hammam spa opening in Urban Retreat in December and aware that Moroccan themed products have been popping up all season, we decided it was time to inject a little spice and sensuality into our own bath routines.

Dating back as far as the Roman times, ancient hammams or ‘bathhouses’ are undoubtedly the most soothing and invigorating of all spa rituals. From sweltering hot rooms and exfoliating pumice stones to oil laced massages and fragrant mint tea, this traditional bathing regime involves every step necessary to cleanse and detoxify the body.

While we can’t promise to whisk you away on a luxury trip to morocco, we can provide some suggestions on how to bring the middle-eastern style pampering products to your bathroom door. So, after much research and arduous bubble bath testing (sigh), we’ve collated our edit of the top budget buys for your very own at-home hammam.

Moroccan Escape Bitter Orange Candle , £7.50

Combining essence of warm white flowers and gentle bitter orange, this sweet and spicy candle will immediately transform the most ordinary of bathrooms into a middle-eastern paradise. We recommend lighting it roughly ten minutes prior to beginning your indulgent spa session to ensure your bathroom captures the rich and exotic scent of Morocco. The best part? The beautifully decorative tin it comes with means this candle can be used again and again.

Superdrug Pebbles Bath Pillow , £6.99

Ever gone to lay back your head when looking for a little shut-eye in the bath, only to be met with uncomfortable, slippery edges? Yeah, us too. That’s why this inflatable bath pillow from Superdrug is a simple but utterly genius buy. Using integrated suction pads that ensure the pillow remains in place, it’s silky, soft cover and cushiony depth provides the perfect comfort for a heavy head in need of the ultimate bathtime soak.

Rituals Hammam Body Mud , £14

Formulated using Rhassoul Clay - a rare mineral mined in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, this purifying mud scrub contains natural exfoliating grains that work to remove dead skin cells, leaving you feeling revived, cleansed and supple. Fragranced with the powerfully refreshing scent of eucalyptus, this treatment feels as indulgent and therapeutic as those carried out in the traditional bath houses.

Sensap Detox Bath Salts , £5.95

Containing the highest percentage of natural minerals in the world and with a salt concentration ten times higher than that of regular ocean water, the Dead Sea is renowned for its healing and restorative properties. However, If you can’t quite afford the airfare, these Detox bath salts from Senspa are a great alternative. Formulated using a blend of nine essential oils and Dead Sea salts, this product helps to balance the skin's natural moisture levels, relax muscles, improve your mood and can even improve conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Bursting with an overwhelming scent of the exotic east, a handful of these will turn any bathtime into a blissful beach experience.

Argan+ Precious Oil Elixir , £12.99

As one of the biggest beauty triumphs to come out of Morocco and the middle east, argan oil has become one of the most sought-after products by women worldwide. Unfortunately though, Its luxurious and mending properties means it often comes with a pretty hefty price tag. While this Precious Elixir Oil might still not be the cheapest, a little goes a long way with its moisturising benefits performing as well as the top-shelf counterparts. Massage into the ends of the hair as a pre or post wash treatment or alternatively drop into moisturiser for a hydrating boost.

Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion , £8.00

Crammed full of hand-cracked argan nuts, this Wild Argan Body Lotion is the perfect way to round-off your at-home Hammam. Lightweight and non-greasy, this heavenly scented moisturiser is deliciously hydrating and nourishing, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and expertly pampered.