Omorovicza’s latest night product promises brighter, plumper skin in one. Sarah McGinnis puts it to the test

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I'm not exaggerating when I say it's legit freezing right now and my face is not enjoying it. Throw in over indulgence in the junk food and gin department (that January detox NEVER happened) and the general stresses of daily life, and you can imagine how much of a battering my face has taken recently.

Enter, the latest launch from Omorovicza; Acid Fix , £85. Not the friendliest name for something you're about to slather over your face - but don't be alarmed. Although very much on the potent side (steer well clear if you have a very sensitive skin type ), it claims to gently reverse damage overnight, healing lacklustre skin that's lost itself in the sub zero temperatures… or at the bottom of that bottle of gin.

Basically, it sheds away the shit that's ruining your glow and leaves you with a much healthier looking complexion - or here’s hoping. I put it to the test; here’s the lowdown…

What is it?

A multi-purpose night treatment that exfoliates, peels and resurfaces, designed to give your skin that instant boost come morning by renewing the damaged layers.

With a double whammy of AHA and BHA acids, it helps to repair the effects of  environmental aggressors such as sunlight and pollution , and any stress and lifestyle bashing you've been throwing at it - such as my never ending binge. The combination of glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid gets to work immediately to gently scour away those dead and dulling skin cells, allowing for a much fresher and glowy complexion.

Use as an acid tone  2-3 times per week, after cleansing and before your preferred moisturiser of choice.

Who is it for?

Those who can handle something potent in their skincare regime for starters. I do feel a slight tingle when I apply it - not uncomfortable, but you know it's there. If your complexion is looking a little dull or you need to target hyperpigmentation, this should do the trick.

It's a tick for anti-ageing, too, as the lactic acid smoothes out the skin, leaving it firmer and more supple - plus it’s great for anyone suffering with dryness as the sodium hyaluronate (aka that old favourite, hyaluronic acid ) helps to power up the moisture.

The verdict

First up it’s really enjoyable to use. It’s incredibly lightweight and instantly sinks into the skin, so much so that it almost feels as though it’s disappeared completely - the best kind of texture when you need to layer the night cream on top (greasy face + pillows? No thank you).

Results wise, I'm pretty much converted, if I can ignore the hefty price tag... however, you only need a few drops and it recommends usage of around 3 times per week so it’s sure to last a while - so maybe if I break it all down, it's not so bad a spend.

I saw results after about a week of use (so three treatments). My skin felt hydrated, softer and looked revitalised (I no longer looked like I needed a week's worth of sleep!), and  without being too graphic, any flakiness I was suffering from diminished straight away. I usually find my skin has dried out by about 3pm but this seemed to deeply condition my skin in a way that left it softer for longer.

However it was on my forehead and cheeks that I noticed the biggest change; more supple in appearance (pesky lines were far less noticeable), these areas looked plumped and brighter - how I’d imagine my skin would look if I drank litres of green juice. Overall my skin feels softer, moisturised and actually taken care of. Any winter flakiness and dry patches haven’t recurred and I can only put it down to this trusty potion. I’ve got my glow back, so if you're looking for a brighter complexion I would add this to your routine immediately. And maybe ease up on the gin…

Omorovicza Acid Fix is available now, £85