Forget what you think you know about CBD, this new luxury range is rewriting the rules, not just for sensitive skin, but for anyone looking for a healthy glow

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Written in partnership with J’Tanicals

Are you on board with CBD skincare yet? I wasn't, until now. Not for want of trying, mind you. Despite dozens of cannabis-derived ‘next big thing’ creams and serums landing on my desk since the ingredient went stratospheric, I’ve found it all rather confusing. Cannabis oil, cannabis sativa seed, CBD, cannabidiol? I’m sure I’m not the only one scratching my head.

In such an emerging market with money to be made, it can be hard to know what’s hype. A glaring hemp leaf on the packaging is all frankly a bit naff and to me smacks of ‘weed-washing’. It's a shame really as CBD, when used effectively, is an ingredient our skin can truly benefit from, especially if we're sensitive or breakout-prone.

One brand aiming to take the confusion out of CBD skincare is J’Tanicals , a science-backed natural range founded by German CBD whiz Julia Wilde. She knows from personal experience and extensive study of the science, what really works. In its beautiful packaging, J'Tanicals tells you exactly what you are getting inside the jar and what it's proven to do for your skin.

This three-piece luxury collection comprises a facial oil, a moisturiser and a cleanser, all formulated with varying percentages of CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabinoid extracted from the flowers and leaves of pure Swiss-grown hemp plants. Wilde discovered the benefits of CBD firstly as a nutritional supplement for pain relief for her migraines. She founded a successful CBD supplements company and then, when a bout of stubborn hormonal adult acne struck, she turned her attention to the benefits of CBD for irritated and sensitive and skin.

What does CBD do on the skin?

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, which is part of our nervous system and helps our organs and cells – everything from the spine to the lungs and the skin – do their job properly. Our body makes endocannabinoids naturally for just that purpose, to help regulate hunger, thirst, support sleep rhythms and skin function. When things are out of whack we might need a little extra endocannabinoid boost from CBD. For the internal organs, we can take a supplement. For the skin, we can apply it topically in a cream to help restore skin balance. Think of it as your calming and rebalancing helper.

In skincare, CBD has been proven to be calming, sebum-regulating, and have potent antioxidant protection powers, making it a powerful option for breakout-prone skin in need of balancing. It’s not yet proven to be anti-inflammatory, says Julia but studies are promising in that regard.

What strength should the CBD in your skincare be?

Julia is all about giving consumers transparency around this much-hyped ingredient. The CBD isolate she uses is carefully sourced from Switzerland using a CO2 extraction method, which gently extracts the active ingredients in high concentrations.  It does not contain any other cannabinoids and so is free of THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.

J’Tanicals moisturiser has 1%  CBD, the Facial Oil 3.3% and the cleanser 0.5 per cent. Says Julia: "Product formulators found CBD dosages between 0.5% and 5% deliver the best effects on the skin. The industry is still missing very clear guidelines on this. All respectable companies are within this range though."

Oddly, in an age when we shop by strength percentages for our retinols and vitamin C serums, I haven’t yet come across a company before J’Tancials that tells you in clear language how much CBD is in it. You might be told that your cream has 300mg or 1000mg, as some topical pain-relief creams claim, but is that a lot or a little bit?

What else is in J'Tanicals products?

CBD is just one powerful ingredient in this vegan range, but to tackle broader concerns such as wrinkles, skin barrier building, pigmentation and collagen production, J’Tanicals blends in other skincare heroes such as bakuchiol, licorice, squalane and hyaluronic acid. Here’s what’s you've got to look forward to!

J'Tanicals Probiotic Safeguard CBD Moisturizer, £49.95

This lightweight natural moisturiser with 1% CBD is fragrance-free, ideal for sensitive or sensitized skin. An eye cream, and a day and a night cream, this is your all-rounder. The gold applicator spoon can be kept in the fridge and gently dabbed under the eyes to calm puffiness. Added probiotics help strengthen the skin barrier, while a plumping power couple of easily absorbed olive-derived squalane and hydrating hyaluronic acid help achieve that youthful glow. For help with age spots and hyperpigmentation, there’s licorice root extract, which also soothes inflammation. If you like something a little richer at night add a couple of drops of the Floral Collagen Magic Oil. Speaking of which…

J'Tanicals Floral Collagen Magic CBD Facial Oil, £79.95

If it’s firming and deep nourishment you’re after then Floral Collagen Magic is your secret weapon, with a hefty 3.3% CBD, meaning you’re getting stronger antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors, extra soothing and balancing while regulating sebum production – all the things that CBD is proven to help with. Sensitive skins can’t often tolerate retinol, but bakuchiol, the plant-based alternative has been shown to be equally effective without causing a reaction. In one study, it was shown that using a 1% bakuchiol twice a day brought the same rejuvenating benefits as a 1% retinol once a day.

In addition, this silky-smooth oil contains a skin tightening compound called Collageneer® from anti-inflammatory lupin and is proven to increase firmness. If you’re worried about greasiness if your skin is oily, don’t be. Remember CBD regulates oil production and the type of oils used - squalane and jojoba in particular - sink in effortlessly. Lastly, there’s vitamin E too, an essential fatty acid that nourishes your skin and that’s an antioxidant too.

J'Tanicals Deep Sea Rebalancer CBD Gel Cleanser, £34.95

Like everything in the J’Tanicals capsule collection, this clear cleansing gel is fragrance-free and comes in a luxurious recyclable glass bottle. Massage it in neat to dry skin, even over eye makeup to gently remove the day. I like to splash on warm water for a milky effect, which makes it easy to remove with a flannel. With 0.5% CBD and mild exfoliating plant extracts, you get a thorough pore cleanse that won’t damage your skin barrier and leaves your skin feels soft and calm.

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