Cerave's best-selling skin renewing vitamin C serum is now available here so of course GTG’s Beauty Director, SJ has tried it out

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Every so often there’s that one product that is only available in the US so beauty editors and skincare obsessives stockpile it whenever they go there (and then boast about their haul on social media). Thus creating hype and noise around a product you now want but can’t get your hands on. This was one of those but thankfully the Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum, £29 full-price (currently £23.20), which has the auspicious title of being the best-selling vitamin C serum in the US (it has been flying off shelves over there for six years), is finally available here via Boots.

Why such fuss and hype around a vitamin C serum when plenty of brilliant vitamin C serums have been easily accessible for years? Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, vitamin C is generally a well-tolerated skincare ingredient, however, it can cause skin irritation when used in a higher percentage. Ten per cent vitamin C is the dose you really want to be aiming for optimum skin-glowing results, however, this is the quantity that can aggravate. Skincare catch-22 at its best. But that’s where Cerave comes in. They are known for creating products that are kind and respectful to the skin barrier. So much so it’s the main high-street brand that dermatologists constantly and consistently recommend. This is thanks to the signature blend of three ceramides that soothe irritated skin, lock in moisture and repair dry skin. And here they’ve been combined with the sweet spot of ten per cent L-Ascorbic acid - the most active and effective derivative of vitamin C. So if other higher-strength vitamin C serums have caused you problems then Cerave’s could be the one you’ve been waiting for.

Then there’s the fact that vitamin C serums are absolute powerhouses of a skincare product to have in your arsenal. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant known for brightening skin, reducing pigmentation and adding glow to the skin. It’s also a dab hand at fighting off damage from UV rays so when it’s combined with a daily SPF, the levels of protection are increased.

So, what would I think when I tried it out…

Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum: SJ’s verdict

First up, the packaging. Vitamin C is an unstable skincare ingredient and degrades when exposed to oxygen. Decent vitamin C serums come in bottles that prevent light and air from getting in. This, of course, does exactly that - when you open it up you have to push the nozzle down to break the seal on the packaging and attach the nozzle ready to use. And the outer has a protective coating so the effectiveness won’t be affected.

The product has a silky-serum consistency and sinks in like a dream. It has good slip so you don’t need much to massage all over your face, I can see this 30ml tube lasting me a while, making the price tag excellent value. Like all Cerave products, it is fragrance-free (another potential skin irritant you don’t have to think about) and it’s non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog pores making this a great choice for oily skin, but it really is a product for all skin types, especially anyone who wants to boost glow and reduce the appearance of pigmentation..

The only thing it doesn’t do is have an instant glowing effect on the skin. Some vitamin C serums such as the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, £58 contain pigments that create luminosity. However, you are paying almost double for the privilege. Cerave's vitamin C serum creates a slightly velvet matte effect and makeup glides on over the top beautifully so it's easy enough to add some glow via your makeup bag instead.

Will it be as much of a hit here as it is in the US? I think so. You’re getting a good dose of active skincare at a good price but most importantly you’re getting a product that has been formulated with sensitive and reactive skins in mind so you can apply this with the confidence that it's only going to be doing good things to your skin.

Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum, £29 is available at Boots now