If you were looking for something to brighten your day right now, this is it. Believe us we've tried it

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For me, every day in lockdown feels the same so when something exciting happens to make the day a bit different, it means more than ever. So today shall always be known as the day that Charlotte Tilbury unveiled Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, £60 for 30ml, her first-ever serum, available to buy on 16 April.

“I wanted to create a quick and easy targeted serum to improve skin’s outward appearance, making it more glowing, hydrated and youthful-looking, whilst also enhancing skin texture for smooth makeup application,” says Charlotte.

What does Charlotte Tilbury’s new serum do?

Housed in the signature rose gold and glass packaging (complete with art deco style domed bottom) it smells delightful - very light, but distinctly spa-like. The serum, designed for morning and evening use, promises to make skin look younger, pores appear tighter, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and skin appear firmer. But how?

What’s in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir?

With quite a hefty price tag, you'd expect to find some elevated ingredients in the serum. The formula includes a  peptide  blend called replexium for younger-looking skin proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 34 per cent and firm the appearance of skin by 49 per cent.

It also has  plant adaptogen  extracts to help skin appear radiant and polyglutamic acid to increase hydration of the skin - this acid is for times more hydrating than  hyaluronic acid , made of large molecules that allow it to form a thin, moisture-loss preventing film on the skin’s surface. Other more widely recognisable ingredients include golden  vitamin C  and  niacinamide .

But we haven't mentioned the  crystals!  Never one for understatement Charlotte explains that her aim was to combine the best of modern biocosmetic science with the spiritual and mythical powers of crystals. "I was inspired by the myths and legends that suggest crystals have powerful properties."

So into the magical mix has gone moonstone for calm and peace, ruby for passion, protection and prosperity (all the good p's, if you ask me), rose quartz for love, crystal quartz for purity and amethyst for uplifting and soothing. Even if you think crystals are codswallop (guilty) there's no denying Charlotte makes the combo sounds appealing.

We tried it: Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir reviewed

My bottle arrived with the postman this morning and after thoroughly washing my hands post parcel handling, I doused my face in the serum (wearing no makeup from home means I can try things as soon as they land on my makeshift desk).

The serum claims to work fast (eight weeks for firmer skin, for example) and while I obviously didn’t see immediate results, it did feel light and extremely easy to absorb. My skin looked glowier too, which is no mean feat given the lack of sunlight its had over the last few weeks. I have high hopes that it'll give me that coveted Tilbury glow if I continue to use it. Maybe it'll even convince me of the powers of crystals...

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