The reusable Cryo-Recovery Face Mask combines cryotherapy and facial acupressure to revive and refresh lacklustre skin for that famous Tilbury glow

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Charlotte Tilbury's latest launch, the Cryo-Recovery Face Mask, £49, is inspired by two of our favourite skin refreshing facial techniques, designed to help reduce signs of tiredness and puffiness, as well as tone down redness and dark circles for a fresh, revived face. It combines cryotherapy  (which tightens the skin and reduces puffiness) and acupressure, which relieves tension and eases puffiness too, in a reusable silicone mask.

Charlotte is also launching a second serum, following the arrival of her Magic Serum Crystal Elixir , £60, last year. The Cryo-recovery Eye Serum, £45, makes eyes appear depuffed and brighter with a cooling metal applicator and caffeine, Swiss Ice Wine Essence and Iceawake, an ingredient to refresh tired-looking skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and boosting radiance.

Ever the innovator when it comes to skincare, Charlotte came up with the idea for the Cryo-Recovery duo after using ice therapy in her red carpet facials for years. "When my clients’ skin appears tired, puffy, sensitised or dull, ice is one of my backstage secrets to revive and transform, so that it appears brighter, firmer, smoother and glowing!" she says.

"My celebrity clients always love the immediate cooling, re-energising feeling of ice on their skin. When they look in the mirror, their skin looks smoother and pores look smaller! Cheekbones appear sculpted and the jawline appears more defined! Redness is reduced and blemishes appear to have been reduced."

What's the Cryo-Recovery Face Mask like?

So much more than your standard sheet mask, the Cryo-Recovery Face Mask is reusable and made from flexible silicone making it easy to wash.

It has cooling metal beads stored in little gel pockets above the brows, along the cheekbone and the jawline, designed to target acupressure points to relieve tension and flush out fluid retention to make you look more sculpted.

Before use, you put the mask in the freezer for half an hour minimum to activate the cooling powers/ It has velcro straps (much like an LED mask ) to put around your head to keep it in place. Once you're strapped in, relax for ten minutes, massaging the metal beads into pressure points to ease headaches and tension. It doesn't drip so if you want to go about your day while wearing it, go ahead! We can't wait to wear this next time there's a heatwave.

Testers, who tried the mask for eight weeks, said their skin felt lifted by 253 per cent, firmer by 238 per cent and that their fine lines and wrinkles appeared reduced by 52 per cent.

What about the Cryo-recovery Eye Serum?

The new serum from Charlotte is here to make eyes look depuffed, smoother and brighter as well as wide awake.

It uses an ingredient created by the brand, Iceawake, to refresh tired skin, as well as swiss ice wine essence, which is made from grapes that are frozen on the vine. It creates an invisible tightening, blurring effect around the eye, lifting and firming the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptide-wise the eye serum has replexium in, to plump, caffeine to reduce the look of puffiness and Charlotte's magic crystal complex which is also found in her first serum,  with moonstone, ruby, rose quartz and amethyst for their, empowering, uplifting, calming powers.

The mask and serum are both in high demand at the moment – even some of the staff haven't tried it yet, so we eagerly await the arrival of ours!

Charlotte Tilbury's Cryo-Recovery Face Mask and Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum are available from August 26 on