Introducing #FaceForward, a new campaign from Clinique that will have you realising your ambitions in no time

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Got a destiny to fulfil? That may sound epic or dramatic, as if we’re all prepping for a Frodo style Lord of The Rings voyage, but we all have a to-do list in life. Sometimes our goals, dreams and where we picture ourselves in five or ten years time gets lost in the fog of the daily grind, but reminding ourselves of our aspirations and intentions can not only reestablish a little clarity and decisiveness, it can also reinvigorate us and excite us on a daily basis. Most of us have a role model or concept of what we’d like to achieve, and Clinique  has joined forces with three very inspiring women indeed to remind us that we can all accomplish what we strive for, we just have to put ourselves out there. It’s time to #FaceForward

The #FaceForward game plan is to encourage women around the world to ask themselves the question ‘if you could give your future self any advice, what would it be?”. Instead of looking back and regretting supposed past failures, Clinique want women to focus on their future, promise themselves something wonderful and inspire others to do the same. Simply @yourself on Twitter, stating your future mission, and encouraging others to share theirs. Don't forget to visit  Clinique’s UK website  and home of the campaign, where you can also claim complimentary samples to help you to quite literally put your best face forward in the beauty sense. To get you started, let me present Clinique’s three faces of #FaceForward.

Hannah Bronfman  particularly strikes a chord with us Glossies owing to her passion for health, fitness and wellness (she runs her own fitness blog,  HBFIT ). In addition to posting on everything from workouts to fashion to travel and music, New Yorker Hannah is also quite the business entrepreneur, having founded her own sustainable clothing line,  Green Owl Clothing , at the age of 23. She also raised $1.2 million to launch a mobile beauty booking app,  Beautified , in 2012, which began helping users to book last minute beauty and fitness services in New York and has now expanded to LA and San Francisco (London soon?!). On the side she’s also a DJ, model and social media darling, with a casual 116K followers on Instagram. Her business ventures and commitment to looking after herself and her health make her perfectly positioned to energise others to take a risk and have confidence in themselves. She gives seriously good motivational speeches too:

“Having a thick skin is key when starting your own business. We now live in a world where everyone and anyone is a critic. You have to be able to put yourself out there, which means you’re opening yourself up for criticism. Be prepared for criticism, but you cannot let is get to you. You have to stay on course and do you.”

Her idea of beauty is also perhaps unconventional, but that’s what expressing yourself is all about:

“My mum and grandmother have influenced me in terms of how I view beauty as a whole. In particular, I thought they were at their most beautiful when they were arguing. I know that sounds weird, but they’re arguing with such passion, and they get a little flush in their cheeks, and it’s inspiring to see a smart woman sticking up for her opinion regardless of its rational by any means.”

As well as a heated debate, a healthy lifestyle plays a central role in Hannah’s attitude towards beauty:

“An important skin care secret for me is consistently having a green smoothie, eating vegetables and drinking lots of water [...] I’ve had people ask me if I have had a facial and I’m like no, I just drank two litres of water! Confidence for me starts with my skin, and my skin reaps the benefits of consistent healthy living.”

Hannah is joined in the campaign by writer, editor (of her own magazine at the age of 15, no less) and actress  Tavi Gevinson  and Sydney based creative director, blogger and law student  Margaret Zhang . They may not be mega famous faces, but they embody the ‘stay on your toes’ vibe of Clinique’s new project and make young women especially appreciate that hard work and some fire in your belly goes far.

Put your #FaceForward by including the hashtag in your ‘advice to future self’ tweet, and don't forget to keep an eye on the  Clinique website  for free skincare samples. Clinique may even tweet you back down the line to remind you of your drive...