If you're thinking of packing your cherished Creme de la Mer or favourite fragrance for your summer holiday, think twice before you pop it in your hand luggage or else prepare to part ways. Anna Hunter explains why beauty losses are the new airport danger

Some people have monkeys seized at security (Justin Bieber we’re looking at you), others turtles they have tried to masquerade as hamburgers (no really - see here ), but animals aren’t the only hand luggage “liberated” by airport security officers. When you’ve stopped cackling smugly at the above two examples consider this: next week airport security officials will confiscate approximately £11.5 million worth of precious beauty products. Not so funny now, Glossy globetrotters.

In a poll of 750 women by online beauty retailer Escentual.com  it was revealed that 73% had infringed the 100ml rule by overfilling in-flight cosmetics bags or simply forgetting that their essential beauty goodies were stashed in their handbags in the first place. Before we even hit the runway, one in four of us will have two beauty products impounded at security, and we’ll lose roughly £23 worth of cosmetics. Even worse news for those of us who cling to the probability that we’ll be able to replace our cherished Advanced Night Repair on arrival; 40% of travellers are unable to replace their prized potions once at their destination. Gulp.

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Nearly two million women are expected to fly next week, accounting for the eye wateringly high value of losses. We can’t even put such costly calamities down to our ignorance of the rules, as apparently most of us are aware that the five-year old 100ml liquid restrictions apply to cosmetics, however we’re in such a rush to get to the airport in the first place that we just…forget.

Well ladies, next time you fly just remember Justin. You don’t want to lose an item of such sentimental worth - whether we’re talking monkeys or moisturiser, either check it in, go travel-sized or decant, decant, decant. The latter advice doesn’t work for the monkey. And good luck finding an obedient travel-sized ape.