Stuck for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that’ll last longer than a bunch of flowers? Get personal and go luxe with Creed’s Love in White Eau de Parfum

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There are few things as personal as fragrance when it comes to gift ideas; our scent preferences are individual, and our choices stay with us and those who know us forever - I only need think of being in the car with my mother to instantly remember the smell of her hand cream as she slathered it on in the front seat, or the lingering fragrance of her favourite perfume on her scarf.

It’s our mothers’ scents in particular that stay with us, too, given that for most of us she will have been our first introduction to perfume (anyone else regularly explore their mum’s dressing table as a child?), shaping our noses from a young age and meaning that we know exactly what she’s into - so why not turn the tables this Mother’s Day and give the gift of a fragrance she can discover through you?

Not sure where to start? If fresh, clean, floral or powdery scents are her thing, then Creed’s Love in White Eau de Parfum , £200 for 75ml, is guaranteed to please; created with the finest hand-selected ingredients, it's luxurious inside and out, and inspired by the sense of a gentle spring breeze among the blossoming tree-lined streets of Provence. Heaven.

The fragrance opens with a refreshing citrus aroma thanks to its light Italian orange notes, while at its heart is a flower-power combination of iris, daffodil, magnolia, rose and tonkin rice. These delicate florals are softened further still by a warming base of Madagascan vanilla and sandalwood. It's an ultra-feminine bouquet in a bottle, and an indulgent one at that - ideal if you’re looking to spoil the leading lady in your life.

She’d be in good company, too - it’s reportedly a favourite of mother-of-six Angelina Jolie (the brand has become synonymous with some of the biggest names on Hollywood’s red carpet, with Jennifer Lopez and even Madonna said to be regular wearers of fragrances from Creed’s scent wardrobe).

What's more, for just £20 you can seal the deal and opt for Creed's online personalisation service to engrave its elegant, classic white bottle with your own message, and make your mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day. It doesn’t get more personal than that…

Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum is £200 for 75ml,  available online with additional engraving options here

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