Dermalogica’s latest innovation provides modern, full spectrum protection with an illuminating twist

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We beauty shoppers are pretty high maintenance - now more than ever we want our products to have multiple uses, so that our cash can go further and our routines can be simpler. From high-performance foundations with skincare benefits to serums that tick more than one box, we expect more - and never is this truer than in the case of sun screen.

One of the less sexy products in our beauty #shelfies, it’s no longer enough for SPF to simply protect us from the sun; we also demand a shield against pollution, a luxurious texture and an even better finish. Such divas. Yes, when it comes to our skin we want it all - and that’s something Dermalogica’s latest launch taps into.

The new Prisma Protect SPF30 , £58, offers protection, hydration and radiance in one, so you can ditch the complicated 10-step morning routine and hit the snooze button for a little longer. Here’s why it’s such a high achiever no matter what your skin type…

You’re fully protected

Prisma Protect is the skincare equivalent of putting you in an impenetrable safety bubble, protecting you from all UV light as well as pollution and free radicals, both of which are an ever increasing problem thanks to our modern lifestyles. Octocrylene, octisalate, avobenzone and homosalate, popular and well-tolerated chemical filters, offer broad spectrum protection from burning UVB and the deeper penetrating and ageing UVA, while antioxidant-rich Japanese matcha tea shields against environmental aggressors and city air.

Hydration and anti-pigmentation in one

Sun protection is vital, but a sun cream that works as hard as our favourite moisturiser is the ultimate beauty dream. Prisma Protect keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day thanks to humectants such as glycerin, as well as the powerful skin-replenishing plant based compound, saccharide isomerate, which locks in moisture for longer than most other humectants thanks to its ablity to naturally bond to your skin cells. Meanwhile the inclusion of sclareolide, a natural component in sage, reduces inflammation to help maintain an even, pigmentation-free skin tone.

Plus, for those of us who are extra discerning when it comes to what’s in (or more importantly, not in) our face creams, it’s also gluten-free, vegan, fragrance-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

It brightens your skin from within

Who needs a tan when you can have healthy skin that naturally glows? In an eight week study, 100 per cent of the panellists testing the SPF saw a significant increase in luminosity, thanks to smart ingredients which team up to make your skin brighter from below the surface. Slather on this factor 30 and while it keeps the sun’s damaging rays at bay, it will also get to work at a deeper level to promote your own skin’s radiance; the formula uses ‘intelligent drones’ - encapsulated active ingredients surrounded by peptide ligand molecules - to ensure the key actives are reaching the correct cells in your skin, optimising efficacy so not a drop is wasted.

This together with a photo-sensitive algae extract is the secret to a more luminous complexion; the light-activated chlorella vulgaris increases the energy at a cellular level to produce more collagen, resulting in plump, radiant and healthy-looking skin. Using the sun’s glow to get a glow? Now that’s a product that goes the extra mile…

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30 is £58.00 for 50ml and available from  Dermalogica

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