Think face cream will trigger a breakout? Think again. The cosmetic dermatologist’s latest launch is looking to dispel the myth

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Do you have ‘moisturiser fear?’ If you’re blemish-prone, it’s highly likely, however going without it could be causing more harm than good. The idea that face cream will trigger a breakout is a common misconception and one that cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting  is looking to disprove once and for all with the help of her new product, Flawless Moisturiser.

The follow-up to her suits-all Flawless Cleanser , the latest addition to Dr Sam’s range is built on the same foundations as its predecessor - it’s all about keeping your capsule skincare wardrobe free of unnecessary complications.

The key to clearer and healthier skin in her experience, is using products that enhance one another. “Perfect your basics first - your cleanser, your moisturiser and SPF - and then add in your active products,” Dr Sam says. She likens it to a sandwich - your basics, the bread, should be neutral in the background and provide a strong support network for the targeted concern-specific actives that form the 'filling.'

However over the years, Dr Sam has noticed that one vital part of the recipe, moisturiser, is often missing in the regimes of those who are blemish-prone. And, contrary to popular belief, skipping this step can actually make the problem worse - especially in the colder months. Interestingly, a recent study revealed an 11 per cent increase of moderate to severe acne cases in winter compared to summer. “When there’s low humidity, skin becomes rough, scaly and more prone to clogging up,” Dr Sam explains. “It also has a reduced barrier, is more porous and is more prone to inflammation which can lead to acne flare-ups.”

A hydrating non-comedogenic  face cream can therefore become a skincare staple for the blemish-prone, provided it’s formulated in the right way. Which brings us onto what’s inside Dr Sam’s Flawless Moisturiser. Its blend of humectant and occlusive ingredients is designed to not just attract moisture, but lock it in too: it contains 0.5 per cent hyaluronic acid , 0.5 per cent allantoin, 10 per cent shea butter, 3 per cent aquaxyl (a sugar complex that helps strengthen the skin barrier) and 3 per cent glycerin.

Most interestingly though, is its 5 per cent serving of niacinamide , a fantastic all-rounder that Dr Sam rates for its wide range of skin benefits. As well as strengthening barrier function by boosting ceramide  production, it also calms blemish-prone and clogged skin, minimises the appearance of pigmentation and pores, and improves tolerance of topical retinoids  too. If it was in school, it would be Head Girl, an A student and netball captain too.

Then, there’s its texture, a gel-cream formula that's designed to absorb quickly without a sticky feel, to make it ideal for sitting underneath your makeup and for both day and night use. What’s more, because it’s fragrance-free, it's more likely to appeal to sensitive skin  types too (make sure to patch test first though).

Created to provide the perfect neutral base for the rest of your skincare regime to stand strong upon, it’s a moisturiser that everyone could stand to benefit from.

Dr Sam’s Flawless Moisturiser is £25, and is available to buy online at , as well as Dr Sam Bunting, 35 Devonshire Place, W1G 6JP.

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