The new A-Passioni Retinol Cream really is for those who are passionate about vitamin A - here’s what to expect and why it might not be for beginners

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We’ll start this newsflash with a cautionary warning : if you’re not yet on the retinol and retinoid  train, you probably don’t want to start your vitamin A ‘journey’ with Drunk Elephant ’s new A-Passioni Retinol Cream unless dermatologically advised - it’s relatively strong stuff. While retinoids can benefit most skin types, potency and delivery matters, so get going with a lower strength retinol serum  (normally 0.5 per cent or below depending on how sensitive your skin in) used a few nights a week and build up usage and strength slowly as your skin develops a tolerance. Sensible stuff over, what’s A-Passioni all about?

The teasers on the Drunk Elephant Instagram  account are distinctly arty and red-themed and the cream promises to “reboot and smooth”. A-Passioni is of course free of the “suspicious six” , in line with all Drunk Elephant products and it contains the plant-based carotenoid antioxidant xanthophyll for additional free-radical fighting prowess alongside the vegan retinol’s roster of protective benefits. In addition to this collagen revving duo, expect skin-strengthening peptides , fatty acid rich vitamin F and lipid loaded marula, passionfruit, apricot and jojoba oils to help to offset any potential dryness or flaking triggered by retinol. Application guidelines advocate morning and nighttime use once or twice a week to start with, but adjust this according to your skin's needs.

The Drunk Elephant team has released a rather trippy cartoon to promote the launch, featuring an elephant in a dress holding a basket of flowers and a chorus of croaking frogs. Me neither, but apparently this and the accompanying creative posts hark “the dawn of a new retinol”. It's retailing for £62 for 30ml at both Space NK  and  Cult Beauty  but has sold out already since its Boxing Day UK launch, which speaks of the mighty power of DE, particularly given that it most definitely wasn't in the  sales . Given the strength you'll only need a smidge at a time so hold out for new year deliveries and make your tube last if you managed to wangle one...

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