Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor picks her top anti-ageing products

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Ageing: it’s like lots of other dramatic life events - you think ‘It won’t happen to me’, and then it hits. I know, there are far more important things in life but find me a woman that isn’t affected by ageing and I’ll eat my Advanced Night Repair Serum. Now in my late thirties, it wasn’t necessarily lines or wrinkles that appeared (although believe me, I’m not crease-free) but the texture of my skin that has changed. It’s no longer the flawless, poreless fresh-looking canvas it once was. Pores look bigger, innocent freckles sometimes merge into weird blotchy shapes when I go in the sun, and then there are also spots. I think I have more breakouts now than I did in my early twenties.

I’ve tried Botox, which I think really works in very small doses and made me look much less tired (too much and you never look younger, you just look like a freak, but more on this another time). However I’m not 100% sold on it and hamster face fillers terrify me so I won’t be going down that route.

For me, the best anti-ageing trick is not about trying to blur the lines (once they are there ladies, only Botox, not a cream will get rid of them) but it’s all about maintaining the quality of your skin, which I truly believe is about not overloading the skin and treating it kindly with a few strategically targeted products. Here are my pick of the best…

The Wonder Serum

Clarins Double Serum , £55

There is a reason this product has won so many awards - because you guys think it works. Containing 20 plant extracts, it is to be used under your moisturiser and targets every aspect of ageing, not just lines but also evens the complexion, makes pores less visible, hydrates and leaves skin super soft. It isn’t skin-type specific either so whether you have oily skin that’s prone to breakouts or dry skin that cracks when you wash it, this one’s for you.

The Eye Attack

Lancome Visionnaire Yeux Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector , £40

First thing’s first, I really don’t believe that an eye cream can rid you of dark circles or extreme puffiness as I think that’s something that’s cured by diet, water and sleep. However this marvellous pen does a wondrous job at making the eye area appear smoother, perkier, and laughter lines look less etched. One of the best eye products I’ve tried.

Creme de La Creme

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Creme SPF 15 , £63

YSL is an exclusive beneficiary of glycobiology, a revolutionary Novel-winning science that is said to be the future of biology. Harnessing this ground-breaking technology The Forever Youth Liberator Creme uses a combination of three glycans which are said to increase youthful activity in skin cells. After application, the skin feels miraculously soft and really does look fresher, brighter and glowing.

The Skincare Staple

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex,  £48

Like a pair of great blue skinny jeans or a simple white shirt, everyone should keep a bottle of Advanced Night Repair in their bathroom cabinet. Updated and bettered over the years, it is the staple of every beauty editor’s beauty regime. Like the Clarins serum, it also targets all the signs of ageing from lines and wrinkles, to hydration, cell turnover and skin evenness.  Effective for all ethnicities is is also the proud owner of over 25 patents worldwide.

The Body Buffer

Sisley Restorative Fluid Body Cream , £88.50

Ageing unfortunately doesn’t end at the neck. Our bodies show our age just as much as our faces do. Aside from lots of fresh meat, veg and fruit and getting out and doing lots of exercise, we can improve the surface of our skin with a great body product. I am a huge fan of Sisley products for their unbelievable quality and this body lotion is no exception. Containing lots of beautiful smelling botanicals and essential oils, it leaves skin soft and supple without any greasiness.

The Hair Hoorah

Phytologie Secret De Nuit Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment , £28

As we get older our hair can become dry and brittle. This is a magic product that contains wonderful things like Macadamia oil and black orchid extract. You apply it overnight, let it set to work on your hair and come morning hair is shinier and more manageable and you don’t even need to wash it out.