There's some serious buzz surrounding Deciem’s new range created with award-winning cosmetic doctor, Dr Tijion Esho. Here's the lowdown on the launch

The demand for fuller, bigger lips is nothing new however, the discussion around more extreme steps to getting them is something that seems to be peaking as of late. While cosmetic surgery procedures have noticeably dipped over the last year according to recent stats from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the interest around non-surgical alternatives seems to be rising, with lip fillers having fast becoming popularised by vloggers, social media and influencers like Kylie Jenner, who admitted to having them two years ago.

Product-wise, there is a variety available claiming to provide a needle-free way of boosting shape, size and volume - however many seem to fall a bit flat on their promises. I’ve personally always been a bit dubious of so-called ‘lip plumpers’ to be honest. Often feeling uncomfortable and being short-lived in their results, I haven't seen the appeal. However, when Deciem announced that they were to launch a new range of advanced lip treatments created with expert in non-surgical aesthetic medicine, Dr Tijion Esho, I was intrigued to see if it would differ from others, especially considering the brand’s reputation for pushing boundaries in beauty formulations.

There are three products in the collection designed to help maintain the effects of treatments and explore options for those who don’t want to go under the needle: Drench  for hydration, £12, Pause , £27, for those with lip fillers looking to maximise their results and most intriguingly, Sculpt , £29, for shape and volume. Trying Sculpt on my hand at its launch, the sensation was a little concerning - so much so that I was little afraid of what it would feel like when put on my lips. However, when applied, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I first thought it would be - more warming and tingly than prickly and stingy. After a few minutes, the biggest differences were seen on the contours of my upper lip. I would suggest though applying it gradually and ensuring that it doesn’t get on the surrounding skin. If it does, try to remove it pretty speedily to keep unwanted redness to a minimum. Similarly, wash your hands soon after if applied with fingers.

Its point of difference lies in the peptides in its formula, which the brand claims “represents more than 1,100x the concentration of similar peptides found in active complexes used in beauty.” Looking at its ingredients label, tripeptide-29 is the second component in its list, a peptide that helps boost collagen production and could give credence to its other promises that separate it from its competition - namely, to provide both short and longer term benefits when used over time. It also contains hydrating ingredients such as glycerin as well as methyl nicotinate, an ingredient that causes temporary redness and inflammation. Having only used it a few times, the immediate effects have impressed so far - no ‘trout pout’ or painful side-effects - the results are more subtle than anticipated. I’m interested to see how it fares in the coming weeks.

If I had to pick a favourite out of all three products though, I’d pick Drench . A conditioning lip cream, it claims to condition rather than coat lips for harder-working hydration. Acting to both retain and keep moisture in, I’ve noticed welcome improvements to the hydration and smoothness of my dry lips. A simple and effective way of enhancing my natural lips (for me, a more preferable option) plus, its lightweight and fast-absorbing formula makes it perfect for pre-base prep. An added bonus.

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