It’s based on one of the most powerful, proven ingredients in skincare - here’s why this retinol focused skincare gift is such a gem

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If you’re going to introduce someone to any skincare ingredient out there, retinol  is pretty much definitively ‘the one’, and dermatologists across the globe would agree.  Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives)  are the most evidence-backed ingredient out there where slowing the signs of ageing is concerned, but while they’re renowned for their collagen stimulating , cell turnover boosting powers, retinoids do have a bit of rep for triggering dryness and irritation. Counteract this with nourishing hydrators and a gentler ‘time release’ formula, however, and you should be golden, which incidentally is where this particular retinol-focused gift set shines.

Murad ‘No Time for Lines’ , £70, teams up the full-size Retinol Youth Serum  and full-size Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil  (which have a combined worth of £125) to offer both effective retinol and moisturising, antioxidant rich aftercare to maximise skincare results across the board. Retinol Youth Serum works to infuse skin with three different types of retinol, ‘drip-fed’ into skin to reduce your risk of peeling. While expertly formulated retinol gets to work on reducing fine lines, improving skin texture and enhancing luminosity, hydrating boosters leave skin healthy and balanced - so much so that 98 per cent of testers reported smoother skin after using the serum for two weeks. This silky skin element is amplified with the addition of Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil post-retinol, containing six free-radical fighting vitamins, restorative essential fatty acids and gently exfoliating salicylic acid for clarifying action.

After four weeks, 100 per cent of Murad testers declared that they had softer skin after using the oil, while 96 per cent noted that their skin looked more radiant. All in all, these two will leave your giftee of choice radiant, whether they’re on the retinol wagon already or not, and you’ll also be pleased to hear that both products are vegan, cruelty-free and non-comedogenic, so it’s a routine that’s got something to give for everyone. It’s also limited edition, just FYI if you’re considering replenishing your own personal retinol stocks…

Murad No Time for Lines, £70, buy it now

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