It's time to stop relying on fish to exfoliate us and invest in a decent body scrub as eels become the latest creatures to be put to use at the spa. Judy Johnson reports

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We've dipped our toes into the world of fish pedicures, faced up to the fact that placenta facials exist and have even drawn blood in the hope that a vampire facial  could leave us glowing like Gwyneth. But the latest beauty treatment on the scene is just too much to take in… almost literally.

Eel baths. With eels. Apparently, the new 'thing' is to sit in a bath that's full of eels which will 'exfoliate' (read: nibble) your body until you're left with silky smooth skin.

You can see how we might not be chomping at the bit to get involved. Originating in China, the treatment has caused understandable controversy after the suggestion that it is coming to UK shores because it's not only scary for the squeamish, but is downright dangerous.

Health and safety consultant Wendy Nixon told a Chartered Institute for Environmental Health conference last week that there have already been problems.

‘In one case a stray eel found its way through the man’s genitals and into his kidney, and he ended up needing a three-hour operation,’ Nixon said.

OUCH. We don't need any more examples; that's plenty for us to know that it's not for us. If you need to exfoliate, pick up a good body scrub  and a loofah or head to a reputable spa  where they'll luxuriously do it for you. This treatment sounds far too fishy - not to mention the fact that in the very least you'll leave smelling fishy too.