Talk about multitasking. Here’s why motion activated skincare™ is the future and how to get your hands on a FaceGym Training Stick plus a Barrecore class for free

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Juggling tasks while at the gym is generally not to be recommended, but when it comes to skincare, efficient multitasking is now officially a thing, because motion activated formulations have arrived, and the more you sweat, the harder they work. It sounds futuristic and fanciful, but new MyoSKNFIT™ technology allows potent plant stem cells, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids to be activated by moisture and heat, meaning that the more intense your workout, the more effective your skincare becomes. It’s frankly ingenious, and FaceGym Training Sticks  are bringing the new innovative beauty tech to life.

FaceGym founder Inge Theron explains why the new range of Training Sticks is such a skincare game changer in terms of lifestyle and results:

“Ath-beauty has already shaken the beauty world in a superficial sense, but the sector is yet to see skincare that is physically triggered and amplified by exercise. As a mother of two under five, I have a small window of time to dedicate to myself. I didn’t want to sacrifice a facial workout for a body workout or vice versa so I created something which targeted both at once. We’ve been working on our MyoSKNFIT™ formulation with a master chemist for over three years and although FaceGym has always championed the ath-beauty category we’re so excited to disrupt the industry again by introducing a new category in skincare with our next generation Training Sticks.”

How it works

Each FaceGym Training Stick’s technology is based on sub-micron sphere technology, whereby three different sub-micron spheres release in three stages during exercise. Within one of these spheres is the MyoSKNFIT™ delivery system that triggers beneficial active ingredients to be released in sync with heat and moisture. These ingredients, including coffee and raspberry derived plant stem cells, help to nourish skin and boost water transport and retention, increasing everything from elasticity to suppleness over time.

On first application you’ll feel the tingle. Each Training Stick kicks into action when swiped onto skin pre-exercise. As your body works through warm up, heart elevation and then the sweaty stage of exercise where your skin’s cell metabolism is increased, the spheres begin to release their potent actives at the optimum time for absorption and activation. The product's hero ingredient, MyoSKNFIT™ which contains three potent plant stem cells, works fast to intensify the effect of the other ingredients. After just 20 minutes of exercise, your skin is working its hardest and this action continues for up to six hours after exercise.

The Training Stick Squad

Multivitamin Training Stick

USP: Hydration.

This Training Stick majors in moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid  and encapsulated vitamins E and C for antioxidant protection. Carrot oil brings in natural forms of vitamins A, E and fatty acids to replenish and restore skin to health as you sweat.

Activated Charcoal Training Stick

USP: Detoxification.

Activated bamboo charcoal helps to ease congestion and combat the free-radical effects of pollution while maltodextrin and willow bark deliver pore clarifying salicylic acid. If you’re blemish prone, this should be your Training Stick of choice. An independent study of 30 healthy females reported that 93.33 per cent of subjects agreed that the product de-clogged their pores after seven days and 100 per cent of subjects agreed that the product improved hydration.

Brazilian Pink Clay Training Stick

USP: Glow

Not the sweaty kind of ‘glow’ alone, but one induced by brightening pink clay and antioxidant loaded fermented liquorice oil. Porcelain flower also helps to soothe skin.

Spirulina Training Stick

USP: Firming

You might be most accustomed to a shot of spirulina in your post-workout smoothie, but this Training Stick features the protein rich algae to strengthen the skin barrier and firm skin over time. Bidens pilosa has a natural retinoid effect, slowing the development of fine lines, while vitamins A, B, C and carotenoid rich papaya extract fight free-radical damage and helps in the skin radiance stakes.

Ready to train? We have even better news. Each stick retails at £38.50, but if you head down to Selfridges London  Hilary site (by the back escalators in the main beauty hall) today (6th March 2019) you’ll receive both a FaceGym Training Stick and a  Barrecore  class worth £28 for free to truly put motion activated skincare to the test. There will also be a spin bike in situ at Selfridges to put each Training Stick through its paces. This offer is only valid while stocks last so we suggest you get down there sharpish to be in with a chance to win…

T’s and C’s: No purchase necessary. Redeemable via a voucher available while stocks last. Free class available at any  Barrecore studio  location.

The article was written in partnership with  FaceGym

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