It removes makeup using only water, can be chucked in the wash up to 200 times and is both more effective and eco friendly than your average face wipe. Here’s how Face Halo is storming a simple cleansing revolution

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If you’ve been hanging around these parts for any length of time, you’ll know that we don’t generally advocate removing makeup with a face wipe, except for in SOS circumstances when needs must. From often high levels of irritating fragrance to the fact that they’re a significant contributor to  plastic pollution , not to mention that they kind of just rub your makeup around your face rather than really removing it, stressing your skin out in the process, it’s fair to say that non-biodegradable face wipes are fast becoming a faux-pas in the beauty industry and society at large.

While replacing the microplastic containing kind with compostable options is certainly a good alternative, we’ve fallen upon something better (if you have access to water that is). Face Halo , £18 for three, is a fluffy, microfibre disc that, when used with warm or cold water, gently eases away makeup with minimal tugging and without that raw post-wipe feeling. If this sounds similar to ye olde flannel, you’re not wrong, but the innovation lies within the fibres- they’re 100 times finer than a human hair and incredibly soft, yet ‘trap’ makeup and the dirt of the day, whipping it off your face impressively thoroughly. Technically there’s no need for a cleanser, but while testing I did feel the need to have a whip round with my usual face wash afterwards- I’m not totally sold that they leave your skin completely clear of residue and bacteria, but as a first cleanse, they’re brilliant, and the fact that they’re double sided means that you’re unlikely to miss a bit.

Not only are they infinitely healthier for skin on many levels compared to wet wipes, but they’re also better value and far more sustainable- each packet contains three ‘halos’, and you can put them in the wash alongside your usual load, although skip the softener to ensure that the microfibres retain their grime grabbing properties. The small size and fact that they can be hand washed in desperate times makes them ideal for travelling and carting to the gym, and while the soft feel slightly gives the impression that they’re not getting deep down and dirty where makeup removal is concerned, a glance at a pad post-removal, and your clean canvas of a face, proves that soft power is virtue here. Wean yourself off the wipes: we’ve got a better idea.

Face Halo, £18 for three,  buy online

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