Make space in your night time skincare regime, because when it comes to steps that go the extra mile, it’s the one beauty product our Senior Features Writer can’t live without

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My fascination with serums started at university when searching for the skincare equivalent of my trusty tube of Berocca one hungover Tuesday morning. I was in a 9am lecture (so cruel) the morning after a pretty mad student night before, and my skin was starting to show the effects of too little sleep and too many early starts - it looked dull, tired and just generally, partied out.

I already had a skincare routine in place - no matter how late I got in, I always ensured I never went to bed without having cleansed and moisturised at the very least. It was a good habit to get into when I was young. My complexion, however, seemed to be crying out for more in order to match the increasing demands of my lifestyle. Then by chance, I was given a sample of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair to try during a shopping trip.

To be honest, the prospect of adding yet another step to my skincare routine before going to bed didn’t appeal. If there’s anything I like more than a new beauty product, it’s my sleep. My attitude started to change though when I started using it.

The silky serum melted into my skin like a dream and a week later I was found by my housemates at Boots dipping into my student loan and upgrading my sample to its full-size version. After a few months, my skin was noticeably more glowy, healthy-looking and radiant; I was hooked. So hooked in fact, that I still use it nine years on to help offset the glow-sapping effects of my commute on the Tube - my little pep talk in a bottle when my skin is in need of some much-needed inspiration...

What is a repair serum and why is it important for the health of your skin?

Essentially a serum is a lightweight, usually water-based skin care product containing high concentrations of active ingredients formulated to address specific skin concerns - perhaps increased hydration, exfoliation and cell turnover for example. It also acts as a great booster for increasing the efficacy of your other skincare products, and for achieving better results from your existing regimen overall.

Its versatility is a key part of its appeal for me; a quality which has served me well when it comes to adapting my skincare routine to suit the seasons. There are times I’ll just use my Advanced Night Repair on its own depending on how my skin feels and if it is in need of a little extra love, I might mix a few drops with my favourite foundation to provide a more dewy finish.

How does it boost your beauty sleep?

What fascinates me most about this particular serum is its ability to boost skin’s regenerative abilities while we sleep. It’s jam-packed with a bevy of skin repairing goodies and innovative skincare technology, designed to help support the skin’s natural overnight repair processes to provide a more radiant complexion over time. As we get older, lack of sleep and more hectic lifestyles make it harder and harder to achieve that healthy, rested glow so it’s comforting to know that a serum like this - formulated with this problem in mind - is at hand to help make the most of the sleep that we do have!

Is the extra step actually worth it?

Working at GTG I have to test a multitude of different skincare products and no matter the cleanser, exfoliator or moisturiser I’m using, Advanced Night Repair always has its place in my routine. Ultimately, the beauty of this particular serum (pardon the pun) is its flexibility and ageless appeal, capable of adapting to anyone’s existing skincare ensemble.

It may have felt like a hassle when I first started using it, but it’s been worth it. In fact, I’d say it’s actually made me more savvy with my product choices: cutting out the fluff and incorporating products that actually deliver. My student days may be over, but as for my days using serums? Far from it.

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