Looks adorable, lifts your face in 3 minutes. Here’s what the new anti-ageing microcurrent device from Foreo is all about

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Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of the Foreo's latest facial gadget. The Bear and its pocket-sized pal  the Bear Mini are fearsome when it comes to lifting and tightening. They are the first anti-ageing devices from the 'smart facial' brand that reinvented the facial cleansing brush with the space-age Luna  and changed the face of masking with the UFO.

Available to  order now  the new arrivals tackle all the initial signs of ageing such as loss of elasticity and lines as well as tightening the facial muscles. It's essentially a workout for the face.

How does micro current facial toning work?

Both the Bear, £279 and Bear Mini, £179 (they missed a trick not calling them Mummy Bear and Baby Bear) emit microcurrent from their two 'ears', which are actually metal spheres. At first glance they're not dissimilar to the award-winning Nuface , a microcurrent device loved by so many beauty insiders and celebrities.

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles which cause cell growth and collagen production to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. It's been dubbed the five-minute facelift (most of the workout setting on the Bear are three minutes). But you have to keep using it a couple of times a week to keep up the results. Think of it like working any other muscles in your body.

The Bear has five microcurrent intensities and the bigger size means you can easily do the whole face in four minutes. The Mini has three intensity options and because it's smaller it iis more suitable for specific areas – crow’s feet, frown lines, it’s coming for you!

As with all microcurrent devices, you'll need to use a conductivity gel for it to work. Of course, Foreo has thought of that, with their (vegan) Serum Serum Serum, £49 , a nourishing blend of antioxidants.

What does at-home micro current feel like?

As a lifting and tightening technology, micro current is painless with no downtime. When I tried it I could hardly feel a thing as I  glided the orbs over my face – apart from an electrical tingle which can be a bit uncomfortable but is solved by turning the intensity down. The Bear has an anti-shock system, which measures your skin’s resistance to electricity and adjusts the microcurrent output to best suit your skin.

Because of the need for gel, it's best to use it with a cleansed face, making it the perfect Netflix beauty gadget.

If you’ve used a Foreo device before you’ll be familiar with the pulsations they emit; these are at play in the Bear tools too, working to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Foreo users will be familiar with the Foreo For You App – this is also used by the Bear devices to help users find personalised settings.

The Bear’s 'Total Facial Knockout' setting is the piece de resistance from the tool; it’s a four-minute routine that helps the cheekbones, forehead, neck and jawline in one fell swoop.

Buy The Foreo Bear £279  and  Bear Mini £179  now