The latest innovation from FOREO is a DIY Mask Base and it's seriously impressive

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Written in partnership with FOREO

One of our first ever beauty memories is smooshing up fruit and vegetables to turn them into a face mask. Undeniably fun, but did it actually do anything for our skin? Not so much.

Enter F OREO Imagination , £33.90 for 100ml, the latest drop from our favourite beauty tool brand, here to make your DIY face mask recipes as high performing as your shop-bought face masks.

FOREO Imagination  is a DIY Mask Base, created specifically to be used with fresh ingredients in your kitchen. Next time you're mixing your DIY honey mask, or making an avocado face mask ready to lavish on your skin, add this silky-smooth formula in too, for your best homemade face mask ever.

It acts as an ultra-hydrating base for your homemade masks, helping them to spread evenly on the skin (we all know how gloopy homemade masks can be!), as well as driving the vitamins and minerals from the fresh ingredients deeper into the skin to make a real difference.

FOREO Imagination  has a luxurious, creamy texture, taking away the homemade feel of DIY masks and making them feel as fancy as a clinic treatment for a spa at home vibe. Why do we love it so much?

1. It helps fresh ingredients absorb better

Rather than banana and honey just sitting on the surface of the skin, ingredients including ester and propylene glycol help the goodness penetrate deeper (both water & oil soluble) while linoleic acid helps lock them into skin.

2. It's super hydrating

The base itself has hyaluronic acid in, to provide a drink for thirsty skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Sodium PCA is in there too, to stop skin cells from losing water and drying out for a plump look. For a DIY face mask for glowing skin, this is what you need.

3. It soothes the skin

Calming allantoin acts as an emollient to keep the skin moisturised, while vitamin B5 locks moisture in for a dewy look.

4. It's rich in antioxidants

Hero ingredient squalane has been squeezed into the recipe, along with vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin from UV damage.

How do you use FOREO Imagination?

Anyone who's experienced in whizzing up homemade face maks will be a pro using this. Simply mix your chosen ingredients with a teaspoon of the mask, then apply.  You can use the mask alone if you're not feeling like whipping something up. Without fresh ingredients, it works as a soothing and hydrating mask.

What happened when we tried FOREO Imagination?

GTG's digital writer Melanie gave Foreo Imagination a whirl, trying it out 'naked' as the brand calls it, rather than mixing with fresh fruit. How did she get on?

"The first thing I noticed about the mask base was how silky it was. It smoothed onto my skin like a dream and smelled very calming and nourishing. My skin drank it right up and felt incredibly soft and smooth after application, with absolutely zero stickiness. I loved the feel of it on my skin so much that I decided not to wash it off and let it sink in for a super-hydrating treat for my complexion, which has been rather blemish-prone of late.

"When I have more time, I'm looking forward to whopping this up with some fresh ingredients to see how it boosts their skin power too."

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