Think you don’t have the time for a face mask? Think again. 90 seconds is all you need thanks to this innovative piece of beauty tech

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As much as we love a sheet mask here at GTG, they’re not exactly the most user-friendly. Usually messy and tricky to move around in (not to mention, rather terrifying to look at), the faff involved often makes it not worth the hassle. But FOREO's newest launch - the UFO - looks likely to change those preconceptions with just a push of its illuminating button.

What sets it apart?

Korean mask experts meet Swedish beauty technology in the shape of the FOREO UFO, which cleverly combines multiple in-salon facial treatments with facial massage techniques (it emits 10,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute), to leave skin softer, smoother and more radiant in just 90 seconds. Interesting fact: the FOREO UFO was also the exclusive skincare partner of Victoria Beckham’s New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018 runway show to prime and prep models' skin.

Its list of technological upgrades is impressive. Firstly, it harnesses thermo-therapy, a treatment that uses heat to enhance the skin’s absorption of actives and boost circulation. Next, it uses cryo-therapy, the application of cold temperatures to lift, firm and reduce puffiness and redness. A treatment favoured by celebrities and athletes alike for its body conditioning and skin boosting abilities, it's more commonly found in specialist salons up and down the country. The UFO though makes it easier than ever to enjoy its benefits from the comfort of your own living room. And lastly, it incorporates LED light therapy, using different wavelengths of light to enhance the mask’s benefits. These range from its anti-ageing red light to its brightening green light and blue anti-acne light. It’s also USB rechargeable and connects with your Smartphone via an app for even greater ease of use.

What’s it like to use?

There are two types of sheet mask to pair it with - Call It A Night which contains re-energising ginseng and olive oil to leave skin looking more well-rested, and Make My Day which contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and protective red algae for a radiance boost (my perfect match and the one I put to the test).

Despite its far-reaching tech, using the device is easy - simply remove the attachment ring, pop the circular sheet mask in and secure the ring back in place. Each mask pairs with an app-controlled UFO treatment routine, carefully created to boost the effects of the mask formula used. All pre-programmed, simply choose one and then apply the device in circular motions around your face. Over the first 30 seconds, it uses thermo-therapy and red light to prep skin for optimal absorption of the sheet mask’s ingredients. During the next second 30 second phase, the heat is combined with T-Sonic pulsations to provide a blissful facial massage (had to close my eyes at this point). The last 30 seconds combines thermo-therapy with lower frequency pulsations and green LED for a brightening effect.

It’s amazing what you can do in just a minute and a half.

The verdict?

Although I was admittedly cynical about what could be achieved in 90 seconds, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My skin was softer, more supple and plumped up afterwards and the feel-good feeling continued for the next few days too.

An innovative piece of high tech gadgetry, you'll likely never look at a traditional sheet mask in the same way again.

Buy the FOREO UFO, £249 online here .

Written in partnership with FOREO. All views our own.