But where on earth does the Bafta-nominated former Bond Girl, 30, find the time? One of Britain’s busiest actresses talks yoga, skincare secrets and the key to a bare-faced glow.

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GTG: Tell us about your skin.
GA: “I have quite dry skin. I have low blood pressure which means I get dehydrated quite easily. I always need moisture.”

GTG: What makes you dehydrated?
GA: “Just life - living in London, the pollution. I have to drink so much water and if I have a day where I’m too busy, straight away you can see it on my skin. Travelling is the worst - I really notice it. I feel like a prune.”

GTG: You fly a lot for work, how do you combat dehydration in the air?
GA: “You have got to keep drinking, which is boring because what you really want to do is have a few glasses of wine and fall asleep. When I’m travelling long-haul, I usually have to go straight from the flight to doing red carpet or interviews or work, so for me it’s not really a good idea. I just have to keep drinking water. It’s so annoying that they only give you one cup of water – they should give you a huge bottle, which you can go and refill. I’m one of those people who goes to the toilet every hour on the plane, I drink so much water."

GTG: How much water do you drink a day?
GA: “Between two and four litres. I’ll carry a two-litre bottle and refill it. I also have a smaller one with a filter by  Bobble  £6. I take that to work with me or to the gym and keep filling it up.”

GTG: What do you put on your skin to keep it hydrated?
GA: “I use  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream  £12.99 for extra dry skin. As soon as you put it on,  you feel it sucks into your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which plumps your skin. I have been using it for the past three weeks and people have said to me, 'your skin looks really good at the moment'.”

GTG: You have been cast in  Saint Joan  at the Donmar Warehouse later this year. The director felt that you reflected the radiance and the presence that Joan of Arc embodied. How do you achieve that radiance?
GA: “You have to be happy in yourself. The last few years have been great for me because I have taken control of my career and my life. I’m really into yoga and pilates. Since I have been doing that, I feel happier and more confident. I drink a lot of green juice and I’m [mostly] vegetarian - I do eat fish though.”

GTG: How does that contrast with when you were younger?
GA: “When I was younger I wasn’t very educated as to how to look after myself. I was very all or nothing, so I’d be in the gym loads and be overly eating protein and be low on vegetables and dehydrating my body. Then I would go out after a shoot on wrap and do the opposite. Now everything is in moderation and I’m more in balance.”

GTG: How often do you do yoga?
GA: I try to do vinyasa flow yoga every day – it’s the way that I cope with life and living in a stressful city. I can do it on my own at home, and then I'll see my teacher  Nahid de Belgeonne  and she will give me new things to work on or help me perfect poses. I love doing classes and meeting people and being in a community when I'm doing yoga.  If I can start my day with yoga then I’m on such a good track. Combining it with meditation has really changed my life.”

GTG: You’re the face of the new  Neutrogena Hydro Boost  range and recently did the whole of the Paris launch in fluent French. Impressive!
“I learned French for the film Gemma Bovery three years ago and since then I’ve continued learning. I’ve made another French language film Orpheline which is coming out this year. Over the last few years I’ve gone back and forth to France a lot, I have got a lot of French friends.”

GTG: What makeup and skincare tips have you picked up from the French?
GA: “Less is more. They are very natural and hardly wear any makeup at all. They look at us English girls and they think, ‘What are you doing with all that contouring and eyebrows and hair straightening?’ I love how natural they are. They let their real self shine through and that’s what I try to do.”

GTG: You’re not one of those people who’ll appear on the internet under 'celebrities you won’t recognise without makeup’. You aren’t afraid to go bare-faced. What are your ‘no makeup makeup' essentials?
“If my skin looks really good, I won’t wear any makeup, I’ll just put on moisturiser and  SPF  and maybe a bit of concealer under the eyes – I use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer  £22.50 – and a  lip balm,  that’s me on a really good day.”

GTG: Which of your on-screen beauty looks has been the most ‘you’ ?
GTG: “Gemma Bovery; we had a French makeup artist so she didn’t put any makeup on me. I always prefer it when they don’t do anything.”

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