This month our Editor-at-Large is searching for a mega skin glow, loving Amazon's own-brand budget leggings and taking brain-boosting supplements

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I don’t know about you, but life is hectic - family, work, friends, cooking, exercise – it’s a miracle we actually have any time to ourselves at all. As a result, when it comes to makeup and skincare I need products that are a) easy to apply b) have immediate impact c) are fuss-free.

You may have a vision of a beauty editor spending hours at her dressing table with a ten-step skincare routine and a bucket load of makeup. Not me:  in between the hamster wheel of school runs, deadlines and children's food, I grab a few products and do my face in about five minutes flat, often in my kitchen, while feeding a baby porridge.

I'm forever on a quest to find the ultimate glow and this month have written about the products that really light up my skin in no time at all. In my job, I also get to try a lot of new workout wear and so I have picked out some of my favourites. Lastly, I have written about a supplement that I think we all need to be taking daily: it supports our mind as well as our body and skin. I love the saying "just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter" and I feel a healthy mind is equally important as a healthy body.

Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint, £43 in Medium

I never wear thick foundation. I hate the idea of looking like a doll and have never been a mad fan of the Kardashian look. I prefer to look au naturel which is why I’m really into this new sheer skin tint from Chanel. The tiny bubbles of barely-there foundation even out my skin tone while giving it a post-workout glow. Win-win.

Tata Harper very Charming Lip and Cheek Tint £34

I’m a big fan of anything that uses natural ingredients or is earth friendly. This product ticks all the right boxes for me – it’s super easy to apply, is really blendable, it lasts (you only need a tiny bit for a proper bloom) plus it’s natural so it’s almost good enough to eat.

Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask, £36

This mask is my secret weapon – it delivers the most amazing glow to skin in ten minutes flat. Containing turmeric  (it’s slightly yellow) plus cranberry seeds, it dries on the skin and then you have to slough it off with water so it exfoliates as you remove it. Afterwards, I am left with such rosy, beaming skin that people actually comment on it.

Balance Me Gradual Tanning drops, £30 

I love  self-tan . It’s quite possibly one of my favourites because my skin is fluorescent white. However I don’t do a mahogany look, rather I’m a fan of more gradual tanners that leave skin slightly sunkissed. These drops are magic – you add them to your moisturiser and over a few hours you gain a golden radiance. What’s more, they contain no synthetic nasties.

Guerlain Maxi Lash Extra Volume Mascara, in Black £23.80 

Not a glow product, granted, but this mascara is possibly one of my favourites ever and I love wearing simple mascara with glowy skin. Fast gaining a reputation among beauty editors for its brilliance, it doesn’t smudge or end up on your cheeks, defines every lash and doesn’t clog.

Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask, £27 

With an ingredient list that sounds like it would make a great smoothie such as vitamin C, passion fruit, avocado, wheatgrass and kale, this really is superfood for the face. Feeding the skin with nutrients and moisture as well as gently exfoliating the skin, my face is left glowy and plump.

Sweaty Betty Seamless Double Time Vest, £60 

Do you like wearing skin-tight tops in the gym? I thought not. I find super tight tops make me self-conscious of my bust and cling to the bits I want to hide such as my stomach and muffin top. This Seamless Double Time Vest from Sweaty Betty is the business – it has two tops that are sewn together by the top straps. One is clingy and comes down over your waistband and it doesn’t ride up in downward dog. The other is loose and is cropped to waistband height which hides the stomach and chest area. In breathable fabric, it’s flattering and non-sweaty too. My only complaint is you can get in a right tangle putting it on.

Aurique women’s sports tight, £20 

Aurique is Amazon’s own label sportswear brand. With flattering, modern styles, some of their collection could be passed off as something way more expensive. Aurique leggings  generally range from £14 to  £30.

Lululemon Mula Bandhawear bikini, £18 

The item of clothing you never knew you needed – until now. These knickers are designed to be worn under leggings and specifically for yoga. They are the softest, lightest fabric I’ve ever worn (like a second skin) and they don’t give VPL. Apparently, the fabric is also breathable. Once tried you’ll never go back, even if they do cost £18 a pair.

Bare Biology Mindful Omega 3 Oil Capsules, £16

Did you know that our brain gobbles up 20 per cent of our body’s energy requirements? Did you also know that good quality omega 3 oils can help with the brain’s blood flow and the neurotransmitters and the production of neurons? Basically, our brains need nourishment like our bodies. Bare Biology capsules, with fish oil sourced from wild sardine, anchovy and mackerel, are some of the purest I've come across.