The Gloss Report: Decongesting masks

25 February 2015
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Gloss Report: Decongesting masks

Fashion week is over and our skin is feeling as exhausted as we are. In attempt to return our faces to their former glory we deciced for this week's Gloss Report to put decongesting masks to the test. With the promise of brighter, smoother skin and pesky pores reduces in size, did these masks live up to their detoxifying claims or in fact just bring us out in more spots than we started with? Here’s the lowdown…

2 / 7

Simple Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Price: £3.99

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Feedback: "Many believe that it’s necessary to splurge out for good skincare but I can gladly say that this face mask smashes that age-old mantra.

I was initially apprehensive to use this, as my skin has recently become prone to breakouts and reactions, but the raving reviews of this mask (especially from those with the most sensitive skin) were hard to ignore. Packaged in their trademark white and aloe-green colours, it’s crammed with Pro-Vitamin B5 to soften and smooth, Vitamin E to moisturise, and Natural Clay to detoxify and purify.

I applied the mask to my pre-cleansed skin and left it for a few minutes. During this time, the mask works hard to draw out dirt from deep within the skin and remove dead cells, without irritating. Once I rinsed it off with water, I noticed that my skin felt thoroughly cleaner, fresher and smooth to the touch – not bad considering its budget price tag.

Calming, cleansing and incredibly cheap; this Simple face mask ticks all the boxes."

Reviewer: HI

Score: 10/10

3 / 7

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask

Price: £73

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Feedback: “This ‘Express’ mask from Sisley really lives up to its name providing a deep cleanse for the skin in a speedy five minutes. I applied a thick layer to my face and found the gentle and calming mix of rosemary and chamomile oils both smoothed and brightened my skin without any tightening or drying. A great pick me up when skin is feeling tired and dull and a perfect treat with quick results at the end of a long day. Bottled in Sisley’s iconic packaging, the tube is pretty small for the £73 price tag however it's a little bit of luxury I wouldn't mind spending the money on!”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 9/10

4 / 7

REN Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Price: £19

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Feedback: “I am a fan of REN’s ever expanding no nasties range which I have found to work well with my sensitive skin and was therefore intrigued to try their mask offering. Applied generously to dry skin I left the mask on for around fifteen minutes, allowing it to dry completely, before washing it off with warm water. I really liked the gentle clay like texture and was impressed with the lack of tingling or drying sensations that I have sometimes experienced with other harsher detoxifying masks.

Once I had washed it off, my face did feel instantly smoother to touch and my pores looked noticeably smaller. This isn’t a magical cure for blemishes but a great deep cleansing treatment that will make a welcome addition to my weekly skincare regime.”

Reviewer: EB

Score: 8/10

5 / 7

Anne Semonin Mineral Mask

Price: £42

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Feedback: "After a week of long days, late nights and not so clean living, this mask came at just the right time to help give my complexion a much-needed reboot. My skin felt smoother, softer and noticeably less congested after a mere 2 minutes without any of the usual tightness that other detoxifying masks can leave behind.

Algae-coloured and grainy as opposed to the creamier alternatives on my bathroom shelf, it was a definite change to ones I’ve tried before (in scent in particular). However, it didn’t dry out my skin, was fast-working and delivered on its promises. More a treatment rather than a treat, the results spoke for themselves and I can certainly see this product becoming a long-term fixture in my weekly skincare regime."

Reviewer: AM

Score: 8/10

6 / 7

SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque

Price: £38

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Feedback: “For me, facemasks are all about the pampering experience, and this product didn’t disappoint. The clay glides onto your face like a dream, making it foolproof to apply evenly to the areas you want to target, without accidentally smearing it into your hair (not a glam look)

It’s a chic duck egg blue colour once applied, making it perfect for the obligatory facemask selfies you must send during the 10-15 minutes you have it on your face. As the clay dries it continues to feel pleasant and remains pliant, without cracking or flaking. It’s easy to remove (I used a muslin face cloth), and doesn’t leave any residue in the usual awkward places like brows and the crease at the side of your nose. My skin felt soft and clean afterwards.

As far as I was concerned, that was enough to make it a winning product, so I was pleasantly surprised the next morning to find that the pores on my nose and chin actually looked noticeably smaller. SkinCeuticals certainly deliver on their ‘skin-refining’ claim with this clay mask, and it’s something I will definitely be adding to my skincare regime.”

Reviewer: IB

Score: 8.5/10

7 / 7

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Price: £20.70

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Feedback: "Making a recent splash as the new hip and healthy juice to drink, active charcoal has now made its way into our beauty regimes too.

Slightly terrifying to look at, this thick, black Origins face mask is designed to ‘act like a magnet’ by drawing out pesky pore cloggers, while White China Clay absorbs environmental pollutants and Lecithin dissolves impurities.

After applying around a 10p sized amount and leaving to dry (roughly 5-10 mins) the mask washes off easily with warm water and leaves a light tingly sensation. Although feeling slightly taut and a little dry, my complexion did seem smoother and brighter. As for removing all my impurities however - I’m not 100% convinced, as I had a few stubborn spots remaining firmly in place (perhaps though, it takes a few uses for the charcoal to really kick in). An indulgent treat for giving skin an instant boost, but probably not the best deep cleansing product."

Reviewer: KR

Score: 7/10