It’s literally called Solution. Here's why Glossier's new liquid exfoliant is being hyped up

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If you’re yet to dip a toe into the world of liquid exfoliants , or are already firmly on the chemical exfoliant train, steel yourself for a clarifying elixir of life launch from the queens of juicy clean skin- Glossier .

Since its launch into the UK market last year, all things millenial pink and white have flown off of Glossier cyber shelves ( these are our favourites to add to basket ), meanwhile the crack skincare team at the American brand’s HQ have had a new potion in development for the past 15 months, and we predict a sweeping success in the wake of its launch (today- get to that online cart stat).

Why the hype? It’s the brand’s first exfoliant to accompany the role call of dewy, bouncy serums, primers, masks and moisturisers already in the range, and it’s standing by waiting to dissolve your dead skin cells, shrink spots and give your pores a deep clean. Solution , £19 for 130ml, is a liquid exfoliant to the power of three, formulated with alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to refine the surface of the skin, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to sweep crud out of pores and polyhydroxy acid (PHA) for gentle all-round skin sloughing. To break the chemistry lesson down further, AHA wise you’ve got the less potent lactic acid and stronger glycolic to both brighten and smooth out skin texture, representing in the BHA corner is the renowned acne bacteria exterminator salicylic acid and from the PHA camp gluconolactone, and exfoliant with additional moisturising benefits.

If the term ‘chemical exfoliant’ makes you feel reticent from the get-go, take solace in the fact that an added ‘anti-stress’ complex brings soothing aloe vera, moisturising glycerin and good old skin calmer niacinamide  into the mix to put out any potential dermatological fires (there shouldn’t be any- use once or twice a week for starters if you’re the sensitive type and see how you go).

Solution has so far been trialled on a group of skin-centric Into The Gloss readers, who applied the liquid once a day post-cleansing, and poll results were overwhelmingly positive- think softer skin after 24 hours, a clearer complexion after a week, glowy skin two weeks in and reduced redness, pore size and an altogether more even skintone after three weeks of use. Our Solution sample is winging its way to us as I type, so we’ll keep you informed as to whether it smooths things over for us, but given the fact that we’ve gobbled up everything Glossier thus far, I suspect affirmative.

Glossier Solution, £19,  buy online

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