Loved by the owners of the best skin in showbiz, SK-II deserves a closer look

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It’s an accidental beauty hero, and though it may have been a chance discovery in a sake brewery in Japan nearly 40 years ago SK-II has become the go-to beauty brand for the woman who takes skincare seriously.

The results speak for themselves, and actresses Cate Blanchett, Kate Bosworth and X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger are proof there’s something to the magical ingredient, Pitera.

But what is this seemingly magical ingredient that’s keeping Cate, Kate and Nicole looking so Death Becomes Her young? Upon closer inspection Glossip Girl discovered the genesis of SK-II was entirely by chance. Scientists searching for a breakthrough in skincare made the discovery when they noticed that while aged sake brewers showed the signs of ageing on their faces their hands had appeared to remain youthful. With their hands almost constantly working in the fermentation liquid the scientists at SK-II realised that is where the secret had to lie.

After analysing 350 types of yeast the scientists discovered Pitera TM, a clear liquid that’s rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, during a very specific and controlled natural fermentation. The resulting liquid was a unique combination of nutrients that dramatically improved the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process.

Cate Blanchett was recommended SK-II by a makeup artist after the birth of her first son when she noticed changes in her skin: ‘It was the first time I noticed my age. I think I had taken the fact that my skin was quite resilient for granted, and then being pregnant my skin was different. What amazed me about the Essence was the texture and the tone of my skin afterwards.’

The Essence is the heartbeat of SK-II and contains 90% Pitera, which focuses on the five dimensions of beauty; those being firmness, radiance, reduced wrinkles, reduction in age spots and refined skin texture.

Cate has even rearranged her beauty philosophy based on the positive effects the SK-II products have had on her skin saying: ‘I used to just put foundation on but I think it’s about how you prime your skin. SK-II have a wonderful luminising product that I put on before I go out.’

Nicole Scherzinger admits that it’s the only choice for her skin: ‘At night I pop on an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. After I peel it off, I just massage any excess serum into my skin.’

Let’s face it, these girls look pretty awesome and if SK-II is what they are using then it might just be worth a look to get in on the action...

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