Does your moisturiser soothe your mind too? Consider switching to a fresh to the market face oil that will do just that

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When it comes to skin, makeup artists really know their stuff, after all, it’s their canvas. They’ve seen it all, and they’ve likely identified what works and what doesn’t when preparing both their base and their clients for the day to come. A relaxed subject is as vital as a radiant one, and this, I think, is where makeup artist and face oil aficionado Arabella Preston  has struck (rose) gold.

Co-founder of  Votary , Arabella has been dabbling in the aesthetic and emotional impact that oils can have (not to mention the hydrating, plumping and clarifying effects on the skin) for quite some time, and when using oils on shoots she noticed models’ moods improve, actresses anxiety melt away and fatigued famous faces become enlivened. The massage element of cleansing and prepping the skin with an oil certainly adds to its restorative allure, but the light, natural fragrance is, as Arabella emphasises, the mood boosting equivalent of lighting a much loved scented candle. As for the skincare benefits, think brighter, more supple skin that plays ball whether you’re going to bed or about to apply your makeup. With all of the above in mind, she teamed up with business partner Charlotte Semler and set about creating her own problem solving and sanity saving range of natural, British made treatment and cleansing oils, which are exclusive to  Liberty . If the art deco inspired rose gold and green glass bottles aren’t enough to lure you in, here’s what a daily dose of  Votary  can do for you

Rose, Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil: First things first, Arabella is obsessed with flannels. OBSESSED. Handily you’ll get one with this softening, grime eliminating cleanser. You’ll even get washing instructions (60ºC people). After massaging in around four drops of cleansing oil the flannel magic begins. Soaked initially in hot but not too hot water, the idea is to wring it out, give your face a good steam and gently rub to cleanse the skin, finishing with a few splashes of warm water and a pat down with a dry towel (make sure it’s your own for face towels are almost as sacred as flannels). If that doesn’t remove even the most stubborn foundation and leave you looking post facial flushed, in a good way, almost nothing will.

Jasmine and Calendula Facial Oil: The lightest of the lot, this is Arabella’s favourite to wear in the morning and underneath makeup if she’s got a busy day (for the school run simply an oil ‘glow’ will suffice). It is indeed lighter than you’d think a facial oil might be; there’s no greasy sheen to speak of.

Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil: Arabella’s husband wears this post-shaving. If dry patches and dullness are your nemesis, neroli should appeal. It’s also ‘the one’ if you’re troubled by occasional oily patches.

Rose Maroc and Sandalwood Facial Oil: The richest oil in the range, this is the ointment to turn to for an intensive overnight treatment or when chapped, dry skin and fine lines spring up, seemingly from nowhere and especially when the weather’s crap and you’re dog tired. Let this unction be your healer.

Buy Votary oils  here , from £45

Watch this space for more insight into what gets Arabella’s creative juices flowing, plus we have a snoop around her (gigantic, amazing, never ending) makeup collection. There’s a Beauty Stash on the way fellow skincare and face paint junkies…

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