Beyoncé swears by the jade facial massage tool and it can help to improve sleep and reduce stress as well as give skin a glow. Basically, who wouldn’t want that?

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As Mother’s Day gift ideas go, a gua sha may not be the most obvious of choices, but bear with, because the ancient Chinese massage tradition brings benefits that go far beyond a one time facial.

Many of us on the team already have a Hayo’u Beauty Restorer , £38, at home, and in recent interviews everyone from Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John  to skincare expert Alessandra Steinherr  have told me that a heart shaped jade massage tool such as Hayo’u’s is a key feature of both their skincare and wellbeing routine. Steinherr loves hers for optimising the absorption of serums and winding down at the end of the day, while Sir John uses a cooling jade tool on Beyoncé’s skin pre-performance to boost circulation and create a ‘plumped’ effect, which helps to make skin look instantly more energised (because even B’s skin suffers at times). So what can it do for your mum or the significant man or woman in your life?

First off, due to the fact it’s made of natural jade stone, no two Hayo’u Beauty Restorers are ever the same, so it’s a pretty precious ornament in itself, but it’s far more than just nice to look at. When massaged over the skin (apply skincare first), the smooth, cooling edges of the tool release tension, boost blood flow and speed up skincare penetration.

Secondly, starting or ending the day with a massage ritual creates a moment of mindfulness in an otherwise hectic day - just one minute helps to melt away stress, which in turn benefits skin as stress is known to be a trigger in many inflammatory skin conditions, while the ‘fight or flight’ response diverts oxygen and key nutrients from the skin. What’s more, the stress relieving ritual is easy to do, as founder of the Hayo’u Method Katie Brindle explains:

1. Press - Hold. Hold the tool gently on and beneath the eyes, or over any areas of inflammation.

2. Press - Stroke. Press and stroke the Beauty Restorer™ along your facial contours. Make eight small sweeps in each direction, encouraging nutrients and oxygen to the skin's surface.

3. Press - Turn. Use the curved tips of the tool to press and rotate slowly on the acupressure points, used in Chinese medicine to enhance your skin and nourish your complexion.

Performed before bed, the massage technique can also help to aid sleep and the Beauty Restorer™ can be used on the body too for extra mileage and relaxation (having a bath first should help your giftee to nod off even quicker). Finally, it’s the opposite of a throwaway beauty gift - it lasts for life. Not to mention that if it’s good enough for Queen B…

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