The Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask and the Chin Lift Sculpting Mask are the latest additions to Huda's skincare collection

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Today sees Huda Kattan's add two sheet-style masks to her skincare empire Wishful - and we can't wait to get our hands on them. They're available now on and launch on all other reatailers on April 20th.

Both cost a very reasonable £8 each, adding a little injection of happiness into our lockdown lives. Mask number one is called  Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask  and is designed to hydrate dry skin with nutrient-rich ingredients including hollyhock rose extract (to soften and soothe dry, dehydrated skin), sodium hyaluronate (to increase moisture in the skin) and aloe vera (to cool and soothe), all of which come together to plump and hydrate tired skin. Huda was inspired to create a mask that give the skin a big drink after her own skin became very dehydrated after not drinking water during daylight hours during the month of Ramadan.

The Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask , which is housed in pretty holographic sleeve, should be worn for 20 minutes to revive and soothe the skin.

The second new launch, the  Chin Lift Sculpting Mask , is different to anything we've ever tried before, created to tighten, lift and contract sagging jowls for a quick-fix sculpted jawline. The combination of cooling hydrogel to tighten the skin and strong lifting tape helps physically redefine the jawline - the ingredients list includes peppermint to cool the skin and  niacinamide,  which has anti-ageing properties. The idea for this mask came when Huda was in South Korea and noticed Korean women wearing such masks while out shopping. She immediately set her own South Korea-based lab on the task of creating her own formula that would hydrates, lift and sculpt for a (temporarily) defined jawline in just 20 minutes.

We're awaiting the arrival of our masks so will report bask asap!

The masks join non-abrasive exfoliating enzyme scrub  Yo Glow , £34 for 100ml which launched in February.

Packaging-wise Yo Glow is very soft and pared-back - notably different from the rest of the Huda Beauty empire with its dramatic, bold black and gold packaging. Think of it as the barefaced vs glam, like the two sides of Huda herself.

The silky soft matte lemon tube with holographic writing on it is easy to hold onto in the shower (yes, it matters!). We've been told that Huda was extremely hands-on in the formulation and that she's only happy with a product when she can register 'flip the couch' levels of excitement over it. Consider the Yo Glow upholstery up-ended!

So what's it like? We tested an advance sample and found it pleasantly lightweight with a watery-gel texture. It exfoliates through a triple threat of enzymes (papaya and pineapple) exfoliating AHA and BHA acids (citric, lactic, malic, salicylic, tartaric and glycolic) to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells and a soft physical scrub (which feels like fine breadcrumbs) to whip them away.

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Pineapple fruit extract helps to gently exfoliate, reduce dark spots and soothe skin, while papaya fruit extract is known to increase skin clarity. The BHA and AHAs exfoliate dead skin cells to even skin texture. With three exfoliating techniques in one formula as well as alcohol (which some might find drying but others love) we found it left our faces feeling squeaky clean but not too tight and has a mild but pleasant citrusy smell.

The formula itself has a very delicate grit to it, thanks to the soft physical exfoliants (it's not stated what they are made of, but we like how gentle they felt). Don’t worry about this causing microtears in your skin as some abrasive scrubs can. It should be used twice a week; apply to dry skin and massage it onto your face and neck in circular motions before rinsing well with warm water.

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