Learn dry body brushing and cupping and receive all the kit you need to do it when you sign up. Be quick, spaces are limited !

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Cellulite affects 90 per cent of women and many of us find it bothersome, especially when it also comes with fluid retention, heavy legs and feeling sluggish. But there is a lot we can do to help and with that in mind, we've joined forces with the targeted body care brand Legology for an unmissable online masterclass. It will be led by founder Kate Shapland, who knows from personal experience what really works.

We’ll be busting some myths around cellulite – did you know for instance that it’s not about FAT but about lymph FLOW? – and looking at whole-body solutions including diet to exercise (nothing punishing involved) to leave you feeling positive and energised.

The lymph is also a key part of our immune system, so whether or not you have cellulite, supporting lymph is something everyone can benefit from.

In the workshop, you’ll learn how to do body brushing and cupping (you can keep your camera off of course) and will receive a Legology kit worth £90.50 with your ticket (UK shipping only) to use in the class.

Your kit includes

Legology Lymph-Lite for Boom Brush for Body, worth £16

Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs, worth  £12

Cellulite Salon Secret For Legs, Targeted Cellulite Action Oil, worth £62.50

After the session, we’ll be sharing an exclusive Legology discount code.

Want in? Hurry spaces are limited! Reserve your spot now.


When? Tuesday 2 March 2021 @ 6-7pm GMT 
Where: join via Zoom 
Tickets: £30 (Legology kit UK shipping only).

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Want to be first to hear about future masterclasses?  Sign up to our newsletter .