Meet the new cleanser must-have for melting away late night makeup: Trilogy’s new Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm

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Looking for soft, supple skin that feels squeaky clean without feeling stripped? Yes, it is possible and surprisingly it won’t take longer than a minute to achieve.

Trilogy Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm is the late night makeup remover our post-night out skincare routines  have been waiting for. A butter-like salve that transforms into a luxurious oil when in contact with warm skin, it removes all traces of foundation, concealer and lipstick to leave skin soothed, smooth and wonderfully prepped for bed.

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Thanks to a conditioning combo of mango butter, coconut oil , certified organic rosehip oil and sunflower seed oil, it manages to re-hydrate without leaving skin greasy, making it a great pick for those who have dry to combination skin types. Best for removing face makeup rather than eye makeup in our opinion, it makes light work of the remains of a hectic commute tackling product build-up and pollution with a few swipes of the Turkish organic cotton cloth included. Soft rather than scratchy, it makes for the perfect partner in crime for satisfyingly annihilating all traces of dirt and impurities.

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Our skin was left feeling fresher, plumper and silkier to the touch - a welcomed treat for stressed skin at the end of a long day if you ask us.

The new Trilogy Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm is £19.50 and is available to  buy online here .

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