DCL may have been founded in 1980, but it’s as futuristic as skincare companies come. The product line has just arrived in the UK- here’s why we predict this low key line to hit the big time

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Wondering where your glycolic acid dependence came from? Let us tell you that it was indirectly as a result of Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories’ (DCL)  having pioneered a breakthrough that made the exfoliating, skin cell renewing ingredient viable in commercially available skincare, rather than only via a professional clinic or on prescription. It’s not just good old glycolic that the labcoats at US based DCL have been busy perfecting either- between them team the scientists, microbiologists and brand developers have created over 7000 formulations, working in partnership with researchers at Yale University. No biggie. But why haven’t you heard of them.

DCL CEO Cherry Robinson, has your answer:

“We are committed to reinvesting 25% of our revenue into research and development. Our money really goes towards the likes of our flagship innovation and development facility, based in Connecticut where we partner with leading institutions, dermatologists and researchers. We also really value education- our scientists have a fully equipped teaching laboratory that is wired for real time facilitation anywhere in the world.”

Basically, what Cherry is saying is that DCL quietly beavers away at breaking skincare ground rather than splashing cash on advertising. Skin experts and dermatologists have had DCL on their radar for decades, however, and the work that the company has carried out in partnership with some of the world’s top docs and bestselling brands says all you need to know about the efficacy of the products. Think performance over pretty packaging and acumen over advertising. Here’s the complete DCL downlow, with inside intel from Cherry…

What they’re known for

“Over 35 years ago, our Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Joel Rubin, was convinced that there was a way to incorporate  glycolic acid  into the development of a commercial product that could be used at home rather than at a physician’s office. That ground breaking discovery led to the first cosmeceutical breakthrough, and from there DCL was born.”

“Today’s DCL Skincare is the next generation of dermo-cosmetics. We own our process and therefore can maintain the highest standards of integrity through the ultimate quality control. We conceive, test, formulate and produce each and every one of our products. We believe that everyone should have access to the science that will result in beautiful skin– at touch points beyond the dermatologist’s office.”

DCL in three words

“Comprehensive. Customisable. Clinical results (okay, ‘results’ make four!)”

The ‘more than skin deep’ DCL approach

“Despite skin’s complex composition, most skin care products only focus their attention on the dermis. We believe that for optimal skin health and appearance you must go deeper."

“We start by treating skin as a whole. Our groundbreaking products treat sun damage, protect from the elements, re-texturise, and impart anti-aging benefits, nourishing all four of its key components: the stratum corneum, the epidermis, the dermal epidermal junction and the dermis.”

“Each of these zones plays a crucial role in skin health and appearance, including locking in moisture and nutrients, eliminating toxins and maintaining cellular communication.”

The bestsellers

“In the UK, our bestsellers are the C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30, £108, and the Multi Action Penta Peel, £58. We believe this is because they are superhero products that are either first to market or best in class. For example, the C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 contains the highest concentration level of vitamin C on the market at 30%.”

CEO personal favourites

“That’s a difficult one, it’s like picking a favourite child.  C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 , £108, Skin Renewal Complex SPF 30 , £117, Hydra Boost Finishing Serum , £98, and Multi Action Penta Peel , £58, are my daily go-tos. The four products form the basis of my personal skincare ritual and nourish all four layers of my skin.”

“Skin Renewal Complex SPF 30 in particular is a powerhouse emulsion, containing 10% glycolic acid to re-texturise skin, DNA repair, and a full SPF 30 to protect. All this in a gentle formula, that is so lightweight on skin, you don’t even know it’s there.”

The DCL routine

“Cleanse, re-texturise, boost and protect. Keep it up, everyday, and update your ritual as needed.”

The ingredients to watch

“Key ingredients to look out for at the moment are retinol and vitamin C. Our Profoundly Effective A Cream, £59, surprises many as it contains retinol but yet is recommended for daytime use.” ( See here on for more info on including retinol in your skincare regime )

The next frontier of skincare

“We are obsessed with the future. With state of the art technology our mission is to be the global authority for all products, of any nature, that may be applied to your skin. That’s a lot of ground to cover given there is 6 square feet of it that surrounds and protects your skin!”

“For the future, we currently think that the industry is advancing beyond topical applications. For the most part, consumers will evaluate their skin based on what they see in the mirror, but imagine a future where an at-home device can assess, treat and monitor our skin throughout the lifecycle of our cells. It will allow us to detect problem conditions at an earlier stage and treat them accordingly with the appropriate skin care ritual. We are working on this now and it is closer than you think.”

Curious about  what vitamin C can do for your skin ? We’re on it.

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