Looking to perfect your pins? Legology Exfo-lite has a leg up on the competition when it comes to achieving silky smooth skin...

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When it comes to a body care upgrade that’s actually worth spending a few extra pennies on and a few extra minutes in the shower for, Legology Exfo-lite could be just what you’re looking for.

A salt scrub created specifically to smooth, soften and tone calves, knees, thighs and bums, it stimulates and revitalises in one fell swoop. Its secret lies in its two-salt formula - sea salt to polish and exfoliate and Himalayan pink salt to detoxify and encourage lymphatic drainage. Our skin was left noticeably smoother, suppler and surprisingly moisturised - buffing as opposed to stripping our bumpy skin.

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With each application stored away in handy portable sachets and a comprehensive set of instructions on the back, it makes for the most suitcase and travel-friendly of beauty buys. The addition of Amalfi lemon peel makes for an energising touch, to rev circulation up a notch and provide amazing relief to legs suffering from a long day on their feet. Simply apply to dry skin before popping into the shower, and massage upwards in circular movements to maximise its after-effects.

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Our legs felt lighter and more invigorated post-shower - a literal way to ‘take a load off,’ so to speak and has hence fast become our latest bathroom shelf essential for skin confidence come LBD or bikini all year round.

Legology Exfo-lite is £42 for 5 x 50ml mono use sachets and is available to buy online from  Liberty  and  www.legology.co.uk .

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